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XMM - Design & Fabrication W. Priedhorsky NIS-2
MOXE X-Ray All-Sky Monitor For Spectrum-X-Gamma W. Priedhorsky NIS-2
Studies of Classical Novae: Confrontation of Theory with Observations W. Sparks X-3
Alexis Observations of Cataclysmic Variable D. Roussel-Dupre NIS-3
X-Ray Observation of the High-Energy Pulsar PSR C. Ho NIS-2
Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment (ROTSE) W. Priedhorsky NIS-2
ALEXIS Observations of the Monogem Ring Supernova Remnant B. Edwards NIS-2
Evolution of Rotating Stars with Hydrodynamic Simulation of Instabilities R. Deupree DX-7
X-RAY Observations of PSR B0656+14 C. Ho NIS-2
ALEXIS-Wide Area EUV Transient Monitor J. Bloch NIS-2
Application of Scalable Hierarchical Particle Algorithms to Cosmology and Accretion W. Zurek T-6
Constraining the Structure of Delta Scuti Stars through Asteroseismology J. Guzik X-2
Interpreting Gamma Ray Bursts Temporal Structure E. Fenimore NIS-2
Los Alamos Participation in the HETE Mission E. Fenimore NIS-2
High Energy Radiation from Neutron Stars R. Epstein NIS-2
Multi-Angle Imaging Spectro Radiometer (MISR) S. Gerstl NIS-2
High Altitude Discharges and Gamma-Ray Flashes as a Manifestation of Runaway Air Breakdown R. Roussel-Dupre EES-8
Retrieval of Land Surface Temperatures over Complex Terrain Using Multiple Sensor Data C. Borel NIS-2
Radiosity Modeling for Remote Sensing Applications C. Borel NIS-2
Multi-Sensing Particle Detectors for Materials Degradation Analysis (MPDMDA) J. Nordholt NIS-1
Magnetic Nozzle K. Schoenberg P-24
Water-Based Conducting Polymer Coatings B. Benicewicz MST-7
Dynamic Modeling of Microgravity Flow J. Brackbill T-3
Extraterrestrial Studies Using Nuclear Interactions R. Reedy NIS-2
An X-Ray Diffraction/X-Ray Fluorescence Instrument for Mineralogical Analysis of Mars Soil and Wind-Blown Dust D. Vaniman EES-1
Los Alamos Contribution to the MARS 2001 Mission W. Feldman NIS-1
Ice Penetrating Radar for a Europa Orbiter Mission X-M. Shao NIS-1
High Efficiency CdZnTe Gamma-Ray Detector For Planetary Missions C. Moss NIS-2
Concept Development for Deep Drilling on Mars J. Blacic EES-4
Elemental Analysis at Stand-Off Distances Using Laser Spark Spectroscopy (LIBS)(MIDDP) D. Cremers CST-1
Education & Public Outreach on Planetary Exploration Using Robotics (LIBS outreach) R. Alexander STB/SE
Planetary Gamma/X-Ray Instrument Studies R. Reedy NIS-2
Lunar Prospector W. Feldman NIS-1
Heatpipe Bimodal System Module Evaluation M. Houts TSA-10
Interplanetary monitoring Platform (IMP)-8 Data Analysis J. Gosling NIS-1
Ulysses Activities D. McComas NIS-1
Data Analysis for POLAR/TIDE D. McComas NIS-1
Microphysics, Macrophysics and their Coupling in Magneotspheric Dynamics J. Birn NIS-1
Cluster II Rapid IES Fabrication and Development R. Belian NIS-2
Phase E Activities for the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) SWEPAM Element D. McComas CSSE
Coordinated Observations of the Aurora and the Aurora Magnetosphere J. Borovsky NIS-1
SOHO Ultraviolet Coronograph Spectrometer Mission Operations and Data Analysis R. Kopp XPA
Modeling of Three Dimensional Reconnection Related to Coronal Eruption and Ejection Processes J. Birn NIS-1
(NSF) Space Weather: A Test-Bed Geosynchronous Data Set for the Rapid Prototyping of Space Weather Models M. Henderson NIS-2
(NSF) Substorm Physics in the GEM Geospace General Circulation Model: Linking a Tail-Dynamics Module with the Rice Convection Model J. Birn NIS-1
(NOAA) SWEPAM Real Time Solar Wind Data Activity W. Feldman NIS-1
LA Participation in IMAGE/MENA Imager D. McComas CSSE
Magnetic Topology of Heliospheric Structures J. Gosling NIS-1
Observational Testing of Magnetospheric Magnetic Field Models at Geosynchronous Distance L. Weiss NIS-1
TWINS: Two Wide-Angle Imaging Neutral Atom Spectrometers D. McComas NIS-1
Spatial/Temporal Exploration of Substorm Injections M. Thomsen NIS-1
Investigating the Topology of the Flank & Near-Tail & Near-Tail Low Latitude Boundary Layer Using ISEE 1 and 2 R. Elphic NIS-1
Flow Turbulence, Selectivity, and Electric Fields in Plasma-Sheet Transport J. Borovsky NIS-1
Plasma Physics Investigations from DS-1: Propulsion Ion/Solar Wind and Cometary Ion/Solar Wind Interactions S. P. Gary NIS-1
Dynamic Modeling of the Global Structure of the Heliosphere J. Brackbill T-3
Fast Auroral Snapshot Explorer Magnetometer Mission R. Elphic NIS-1
CLUSTER/FLUXGATE Magnetometer Data Analysis R. Elphic NIS-1
Los Alamos Geosynchronous Plasma and Energetic Particle Data and Science for SOLARMAX D. McComas CSSE
ISTP Los Alamos Geosynchronous Orbit Data, FY98 D. McComas CSSE
Cassini/CAPS MO&DA: FY98 Supplement and FY99 D. McComas CSSE
Investigation of Plasma Phenomena Near Small Solar System Bodies Using PEPÁ (New Millennium support) B. Nordholt NIS-1
Genesis Mission, Los Alamos Contribution R. Wiens NIS-1
A Low Cost Mercury Orbiter Mission R. Elphic NIS-1

SWEPAM Real Time Solar Wind Data Activity W. Feldman NIS-1

Space Weather: A Test-Bed Geosynchronous Data Set for the Rapid Prototyping of Space Weather Mode M. Henderson NIS-2
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