Focusing on methods and computational tools used to help sequence, assemble, and finish genomes, including new sequencing technologies.


  • Shawn Starkenburg
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SFA2F relies on sponsors like you!

This meeting offers unprecedented access to users and is very popular for vendors and users who are interested in close, practical interactions. 

  • 250 participants who are hands-on users of sequencing technology on a day-to-day basis.
  • Attendees represent all areas of research, ranging from large genome centers and national labs, to smaller sequencing and analysis facilities.
  • Access to key sequencing technology providers in a panel format and a fun round table discussion.
  • Presentation topics range from wet lab genomics techniques, data assembly, mapping, and analysis techniques to computer hardware and software solutions. 

In order to enable a wide range of attendees and ensure a broad diversity of participants, we endeavor to keep registration fees at a minimum. Participants are responsible for a nominal registration fee, travel, and accommodations, but sponsors support nearly all meeting activities.

To learn about sponsorship opportunities for the 2021 meeting, please contact Shawn Starkenburg at shawns@lanl.gov or Chris Detter at sfafmeeting@gmail.com, and we will add you to our list of satisfied contributors.