Los Alamos National LaboratoryHAZMAT Challenge
Bringing together HAZMAT professionals to train and network.

25th Annual HAZMAT Challenge

(July 20th-23rd)

The Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Challenge is an annual training event held at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

Notice regarding the 2021 Hazmat Challenge:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are planning on hosting the 25th Annual HAZMAT Challenge with the following changes based off LANL COVID guidelines:

  • Only In-State teams will be allowed to participate
  • Daily self-assessments will be required of the team (Please contact us at HazmatChallenge@lanl.gov for the most current version.)
  • Masks and social distancing must be used
  • Only 6 teams will be participating
    • Maximum of 5 team members

As you may know, last year the challenge was cancelled due to COVID-19. It is because of this, that we are officially declaring COVID-19 as the winner of the 2020 HAZMAT Challenge.

We look forward to a new year and a new challenge.

Hosted by the Emergency Management Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory



For the past 25 years HAZMAT teams, have joined the challenge for a chance to network with one another, practice technical skills, and learn new HAZMAT techniques under realistic conditions in a safe environment. The HAZMAT Challenge is an event where you can have fun and forget you are learning at the same time.

Vehicles, trucks, tankers, and rail cars are used in some of the props to mimic real-life hazardous material situations. Past Challenge scenarios have included drug laboratory or chemical hazard identification, a complex valve tree, confined space rescue, compressed gas leaks, a leaking rail car dome, pressurized drum opening, a stinger operation, and a damming/diking exercise from an overturned tanker.