FEL 2017 Paper Preparation and Submission

Deadline for submitting papers to the FEL Conference Proceedings is August 18, 2017.

The successful processing of all contributions during the conference depends heavily on the collaboration of all authors.

Note: Contributions should be submitted ahead of the conference such that the papers can be processed by the editorial team, and any problems can be analyzed and then discussed with authors at the conference.

Paper preparation guidelines

When preparing your paper, use the templates provided in the For Authors section on the JACoW website and follow the instructions given in them.

Contributions for posters may be up to three pages long. Contributions for oral presentations may be up to five pages long. References only may flow onto an extra page.

See the templates for:

Authors are reminded that no contributions are accepted for publication only. Any paper accepted for presentation and not presented by one of the authors at the conference will be excluded from the proceedings.

In addition, the Scientific Program Committee reserves the right to refuse papers for publication that have not been properly presented in the poster sessions. Manuscripts of contributions to the proceedings (or enlargements of them) are not considered to be posters, and papers presented in this way will not be accepted for publication.

Submission of electronic files

Once the contribution has been prepared using the appropriate template according to the paper preparation guidelines, the author should submit a PDF made from this document, the source file and all illustrations in its native format named according to the paper’s program code.

Example files for paper MOPP001 that should be uploaded

PDF made from the paper

  • MOPP001.pdf – only if you do not have the possibility to generate a PDF, you may submit a PS file instead

Source files

  • MOPP001.doc – the WORD source file, or
  • MOPP001.tex – the LaTeX source file, if LaTeX was used, or
  • MOPP001.odt – the OpenOffice.org source file, if OOo was used


  • MOPP001f1.eps – EPS file containing figure 1
  • MOPP001f2.tif – TIFF file containing figure 2
  • etc...

Once all files are ready for submission

  1. Login to your author account.
  2. Choose the paper you are working on and click on File Upload.
  3. Upload all the requested properly named files.

Papers will be processed by the editorial team starting during the week before the conference.

Authors will receive a mail indicating the status (accepted, request for proof-reading or in some re-submission of a new version) of their paper after processing. 

Authors can also retrieve status information after logging into the author account or during the conference from the paper status board installed near the author reception room.