FEL 2017 Abstract Submission

Deadline for submitting abstracts to FEL 2017 is May 22, 2017.

Steps to submit your abstract

  1. If not sure, see if you already own a JACoW profile and associated account. Create them if necessary.
  2. Log into the FEL 17 SPMS server.
  3. Click Modify Your Profile to confirm data in your JACoW profile is up to date, especially your email address and affiliation.
  4. Click Submit A New Abstract to submit your abstract(s) and follow the Guidelines for Abstract Submission (pdf)

Note: If your work is accepted for presentation, the title, authors and the abstract as you enter them, will be used in the program booklet, and later in the table of contents and author index of the proceedings to be published on JACoW. Ensure this data is correct at all stages.

Email fel2017conference@lanl.gov if you have questions or difficulty submitting an abstract.