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Finishing in the Future 2007





Areas emphasized at this conference included:

Genome Sequencing:

  • Sequencing strategies, library construction, and alternative SOPs
  • Draft sequencing, assembly and quality assessment
  • Metagenomic sequencing strategies
  • New sequencing technologies (454, Solexa, etc.)

Finishing Processes:

  • Finishing systems and pipelines (automated, manual, etc.)
  • Solving genome gaps, hard stops & other difficult areas
  • Alternative PCR strategies, enzymes, and SOPs
  • Directed assemblies and finishing closely related genomes
  • Using new sequencing technology (454, Solexa, etc.) data


  • Tool development in support of the finishing process
  • Whole genome assemblers, progress tracking and data releases
  • Utilizing closely related (near neighbor) genome data for finishing
  • Genome annotation for finishing
  • Integrating Sanger & 454 genome assemblies
  • Finishing quality standards for new technology or mixed data sets

2007 Meeting


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