Los Alamos National LaboratoryDNP 2015: APS Division of Nuclear Physics
Scientists and educators collaborating on fundamental problems related to the nature of matter

Santa Fe New Mexico

Annual Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics

October 28-31, 2015
Convention Center in downtown Santa Fe, NM

Timetable for all workshops, regular and invited sessions

Located at the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Santa Fe is a beautiful city with rich traditions in history, art, and culture. Santa Fe is one of the oldest cities in the United States and comprises a wide variety of excellent restaurants, museums, art galleries, and easily accessible activities.

Abstracts will be accepted through July 9.


Workshop 1: Theory and Computation for Neutrinos and Fundamental Symmetries

  • Sonia Bacca (TRIUMF)
  • Jon Engel (UNC)
  • Alessandro Lovato (ANL)
  • Sanjay Reddy (INT)
  • Javier Menendez (Univ. of Tokyo)
  • Andre' Walker-Loud (William & Mary)

Workshop 2:  Recent Advances in Electromagnetic Decay Properties of Excited Nuclei

  • Milan Krticka (University of Prague)
  • Sean Liddick (MSU)
  • Ronald Schwengner ( Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf )
  • Stefan Frauendorf (Notre Dame)
  • Toshihiko Kawano (LANL)
  • Richard Firestone ( LBNL)

Workshop 3: Frontiers of QCD in Jets and Heavy Flavor Physics

  • Grigory Ovanesyan, UMass Amherst
  • Megan Connors, Yale  (ALICE/STAR)
  • Thomas Mehen, Duke University
  • Denis Perepelitsa, BNL (ATLAS/PHENIX)
  • Alexei Bazavov, Iowa University
  • David López Mateos, Harvard (ATLAS)

Experience for Undergraduates

Conference Experience for Undergraduates (CEU)

All undergraduate students who have participated in nuclear physics research are invited to apply! Students will present research posters and participate in several CEU and conference related events. Travel and lodging awards will be granted to a number of the top qualifying students. Please refer to the CEU website for more detailed information, updates, and application information:



CEU15 will include the following highlights:

  • student research poster session,
  • undergraduate nuclear physics seminars,
  • graduate school information session,
  • CEU social reception, and
  • regular DNP conference events, including attendance at invited and contributed talks.

Qualification and Application

Students (Fall 2015 returning undergraduates) who have participated in experimental or theoretical nuclear physics research are invited to apply.

The online application consists of a research abstract and a brief summary of the student's individual contribution to the larger group effort.

The application deadline is August 1, 2015. Applications will be reviewed and travel and lodging award decisions will be based on the quality of the research, and imagination and creativity reflected in the student's contribution.


Contact Warren Rogers

All undergraduate students who have participated in nuclear physics research are invited to apply!


Wednesday, October 28
Convention Center
6:00 p.m.


Friday, October 30
Hilton Santa Fe
7:00 p.m.

Ticket purchase

In advance $60

On-site $75


A tour of LANSCE will be available on Saturday afternoon, October 31, and will include the ultracold neutron facility, proton radiography, and possibly the Lujan experimental areas.

Please register as soon as possible so we can arrange for a sufficient number of tour guides. Unfortunately we can only accommodate US citizens on the tour at this time due to the several-week lead time required to bring in foreign nationals; however, the townsite is open to everyone and has a museum, some shops and restaurants, a ski hill, and a nearby national monument.

Register for the LANSCE tour