Accelerated HPC Symposium 2012
May 16-17 - San Francisco Bay Area

AHPCS 2012

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Much of the really exciting innovation in high-performance computing (HPC) is coming from accelerators, either in the form of GPGPUs or heterogeneous processors.  Although there is growing vendor recognition of some of the issues that are specific to supercomputing, an ongoing consideration for the HPC community is that the economies-of-scale that drive commodity technology development do not always share the concerns of power, scalability and fault tolerance that are vital to the success of large-scale scientific computing efforts.  This symposium will seek to identify these issues and discuss strategies for dealing with them.  The resulting dialogue will be summarized to provide vendors with new information on how their technologies are being used and on what changes or additions might aid in greater adoption.

Symposium Goals:

  • Continue the discussion of how accelerator technologies can be leveraged in innovative ways to advance the state-of-the-art for simulations on large-scale systems
  • Explore hardware and software requirements for designing systems that can meet the requirements of power, scalability and fault tolerance needed to reach the next level in HPC
  • Understand how legacy codes can be adapted to make use of modern computing architectures
  • Provide constructive feedback to the vendor community to aid in the adoption of accelerated technologies

Potential Topic Areas Include:

  • System Design, Novel Architectures and Reconfigurable Computing
  • Application Development: Programming Models, Libraries, Tools and Techniques
  • Methods Development and Domain Specific Science Applications
  • Runtime Systems, Fault Tolerance and OS
  • Tools, Techniques and Performance Analysis
  • Data Science and Real-Time Data Processing


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The official submission deadline has passed. However, we may still accept a limited number of late submissions.  Read moreā€¦

This will be a two-day event scheduled around the GTC keynote and exhibition times.  Day one will be a plenary session with invited speakers from the National Laboratories, industry and academia.  Day two will consist of a set of workshops in several relevant areas.  Workshops will meet at the end of the second day to organize vendor feedback.

AHPCS will be co-located with the GPU Technology Conference 2012, May 14-17 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Register now.
Registration for AHPCS is included with full registration for GTC.  Stand-alone registration is also available through the GTC website.

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