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Our good neighbor pledge: contribute to quality of life in Northern New Mexico through economic development, education excellence, and active employee engagement.

Community involvement and investment in Northern New Mexico

Los Alamos National Laboratory is an invested and involved member of the Northern New Mexico community, supporting a variety of economic development initiatives, educational programs and giving activities.

Economic development initiatives

Los Alamos National Laboratory is committed to investing and partnering in economic development initiatives and programs that have a positive impact to stimulate business growth that creates jobs and strengthens communities in Northern New Mexico. We partner with regional economic development organizations and business service providers.

Since 2006, the Laboratory's efforts have produced the following impact:

  • $57.5 million in revenue growth
  • $140.3 million attracted in financing
  • $57 million generated in salaries
  • 987 companies assisted 

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And learn about other related efforts on Small Business Procurement and the Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation.

Education programs

Los Alamos National Laboratory is committed to investing and partnering in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education initiatives that have a positive impact on student achievement and address community and regional workforce needs. The Laboratory encourages students and teachers to expand their horizons and achieve success in STEM education.

Highlights of the last year include:

  • 43 Math/Science education programs
  • 1,600 student intern positions at the Laboratory
  • $566,750 in scholarships awarded to 95 Northern New Mexico students
  • 3,288 hours of science education performed by Lab employees

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Giving opportunities

The Laboratory is committed to giving back to the Northern New Mexico community. The Laboratory’s Community Partnerships Office manages giving programs that provide opportunities for Lab employees and retirees to make gifts of time, talent and money to improve the quality of life of our neighbors.

  • in a record-setting 2018 Employee Giving Campaign, workers at Los Alamos National Laboratory raised $3 million to benefit mostly New Mexico nonprofit organizations
  • since 2006 over 3,000 employees and retirees have volunteered 1.8 million hours of nonprofit service

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