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Northern New Mexico Math & Science Academy for Teachers

The Laboratory's Math and Science Academy (MSA) provides quality STEM education professional development for teachers in participating schools and districts.


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  • Monica J. Martinez-Archuleta
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Providing teachers in Northern New Mexico professional development in math, science

The Northern New Mexico Math and Science Academy for Teachers (MSA) is an intensive three-year program designed to support whole-school continuous improvement in math and science teaching and learning.

LANL Math and Science Academy for Teachers (MSA) program includes

  • a three-week summer institute at which teachers learn about best practices in instruction, assessment, student engagement, brain-based learning and STEM education content
  • school-year classroom support in math and science content and instruction
  • development of teachers into instructional leaders and future administrators

Program objectives

  • Increase teacher content knowledge for teaching mathematics and science that bridges content knowledge and knowledge about practice of teaching
  • Increase teachers’ use of research-supported practices to conduct effective math and science lessons in their classrooms
  • Develop school and district leadership capacity that supports continuous improvement in teaching and learning
  • Ultimately improve student learning and achievement in math and science in Northern New Mexico