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Plans, Procedures

The following plans and procedures are cited in environmental reports prepared by the Laboratory.


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Environmental Plans & Procedures

DISCLAIMER: The following is a list of procedures (titles and numbers) cited in reports that have been prepared by the Laboratory’s Associate Directorate for Environmental Programs. To view each procedure, visit the Electronic Public Reading Room (EPRR) and enter the procedure number in the EPRR search field. The most recent version of the procedure will appear along with any references to that procedure number in other Laboratory documents. Contact if you need assistance.

EP-DIR-AP-10070 Peer Review of Environmental Programs Documents
EP-DIV-AP-10003 Records Management Procedure for ADEP Employees
EP-DIV-AP-10005 Records Processing
EP-DIV-AP-10007 Environmental Programs Procedure Preparation, Revision, Review, Approval and Use
EP-DIV-AP-10009 Readiness Review for EP Projects
EP-DIR-SOP-10007 Quality Checks for Preparation of Data Sets from the Project Technical Databases
EP-DIV-SOP-20016 Identification and Notification of Newly Identified Solid Waste Management Units (SWMUs) and Areas of Concern (AOCs) and Newly Discovered Releases
EP-DIR-AP-10020 Document Development for Environmental Programs
SOP 5250 Annotated Outlines - Templates for Consent Order IWPs and IRs
Air Monitoring
ENV-CP-QAPP-Be NESHAP Quality Assurance Project Plan, Beryllium NESHAP Compliance
ENV-ES-TPP-DPRNET Technical Project Plan, Direct Penetrating Radiation Monitoring Network (DPRNET)
EP-ERSS-QAPP-003 Quality Assurance Project Plan, Neighborhood Environmental Watch Network (NEWNET)
QAPP-0001 Quality Assurance Project Plan, Soil, Foodstuffs, and Nonfoodstuffs Biota Mointoring Project
SOP-5140 AIRNET - Quality Assurance Project Plan, Radiological Air Sampling Network
WES-PLAN-300 Technical Project Plan, Meterological Monitoring
Data Management
EP-DIV-SOP-10006 Performing Human Ecological Risk Screening Assessments
ER-SOP-20231 Groundwater - Level Data Processing, Review, and Validation
SOP-5245 Background Value Comparisons - Inorganic Chemicals
SOP-5246 Background Value Comparisons - Radionuclides
Data Validation
SOP-5161 Waste and Environmental Services Standard Operating Procedure for Routine Validation of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Analytical Data
SOP-5162 Waste and Environmental Services Standard Operating Procedure for Routine Validation of Semivolatile Organic Compound (SVOC) Analytical Data
SOP-5163 Waste and Environmental Services Standard Operating Procedure for Routine Validation of Organochlorine Pesticide (PEST) and Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Analytical Data
SOP-5165 Waste and Environmental Services Standard Operating Procedure for Routine Validation of Metals Analytical Data
SOP-5166 Waste and Environmental Services Standard Operating Procedure for Routine Validation of Gamma Spectroscopy, Chemical Separation Alpha Spectrometry, Gas Proportional Counting, and Liquid Scintillation Analytical Data
SOP-5169 Waste and Environmental Services Standard Operating Procedure for Routine Validation of Dioxin Furan Analytical Data (EPA Method 1618 and SW-846 EPA Method 8290)
SOP-5171 Waste and Environmental Services Standard Operating Procedure for Routine Validation of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons Gasoline Range Organics/Diesel Range Organics Analytical Data (Method 8015B)
SOP-5191 Waste and Environmental Services Standard Operating Procedure for Routine Validation of LC/MS/MS Perchlorate Analytical Data (SW-846 EPA Method 6850)
General Field Work
ER-SOP-20235 Sample Containers Preservation, and Field Quality Control
ER-SOP-20236 Handling, Packaging, and Transporting Field Samples
EP-ERSS-SOP-5061 Field Decontamination of Equipment
SOP-5255 Shipping of Environmental Samples by the WES Sample Management Office (SMO)
WES-EDA-QP-219 Sample Control and Field Documentation
Groundwater, Spring, and Surface Water - Measurement and Sampling
EP-DIV-SOP-10010 Pressure Transducer Installation, Removal, and Maintenance
EP-DIV-SOP-20005 Groundwater Montoring Well Dual-Screen Sampling System Installation and Testing
ER-SOP-20032 Groundwater Sampling
ENV-RCRA-QP-219 Sample Control and Field Documentation
SOP-5223 Manual GroundWater Level Measurements
SOP-5224 Spring and Surface Water Sampling
SOP-5225 Groundwater Sampling Using Pressure Probes Using Westbay System
Site Survey/Screening
EP-ERSS-SOP-5028 Coordinating and Evaluating Geodetic Surveys
ER-SOP-20238 Screening of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Soil
Soil, Foodstuffs, and Biota Sampling (ENV)
QAPP-05 Quality Assurance Project Plan for the Biota Dose Assessment
SOP-5132 Collection of Soil and Vegetation Samples for the Environmental Surveillance Program
SOP-5134 Produce Sampling
SOP-5135 Fish Sampling
SOP-5136 Game Animal Sampling
SOP-5137 Processing Biota Samples for Analysis
SOP-5139 Sampling Soil and Vegetation at Facility Sites
SOP-5247 Collection of Macroinvertebrates in the Rio Grande
SOP-5249 Collection of Crawfish in the Rio Grande
Solids, Soils and Sediment Sample Collection
ENV-WQH-SOP-012 Active Channel and Reservoir Bottom Sediment Collection
EP-DIR-SOP-10001 Installation of Vadose Zone Monitoring Wells for Vapor Sampling and Moisture Monitoring
ER-GUIDE-20237 Geomorphic Characterization
EP-ERSS-SOP-5074 Sampling Subsurface Vapor
ER-SOP-20069 Soil, Tuff, and Sediment Sampling
SOP-06.33 Headspace Vapor Screening with a Photo Ionization Detector
Storm Water Runoff - Assessments and Sampling
EP-DIR-SOP-10004 Managing Electronic Precipitation Data from Rain Gage Stations
EP-DIR-SOP-10022 Managing Electronic Stage and Discharge Data from Stream Gage Stations
EP-DIV-SOP-10005 Operation and Maintenance of Gage Stations for Storm Water Projects
EP-DIV-SOP-10008 Installing, Setting Up, and Operating ISCO Samplers
EP-DIV-SOP-10013 Inspecting Storm Water Runoff Samplers and Retrieving Samples
EP-DIV-SOP-20012 Installing, Inspecting, and Maintaining Individual Storm Water Control Measures
EP-DIV-SOP-20060 Certifying Individual Permit Storm Water Control Measures
EP-DIV-SOP-20125 Performing NPDES Storm Water Individual Permit Visual Inspections
EP-DIV-SOP-20211 Inspection Guidance for Environmental Programs Watershed, Retention, and No Exposure Controls
EP-DIV-SOP-20217 Processing Storm Water Samples
Waste Management
EP-DIR-SOP-10021 Characterization and Management of Environmental Program Waste
EP-DIV-SOP-20014 Coliwasa Sampler for Liquids and Slurries
EP-DIV-SOP-20015 Weighted Bottle Sampler for Liquids and Slurries in Tanks
Well Drilling, Construction, Development, Maintenance, and Abandonment
EP-DIR-SOP-20020 Physical Processing, Storage, and Examination of Borehole Samples at the Field Support Facility
EP-DIV-SOP-20006 Pressure Monitoring of Packer Systems in Monitoring Wells
EP-DIV-SOP-20126 Borehole Camera and Geophysical Logging System Use
EP-DIV-SOP-20221 Well Development
EP-ERSS-SOP-5029 Drilling Plan Development
EP-ERSS-SOP-5034 Monitor Well and RFI Borehole Abandonment

Innovations for a secure nation

Portable MRI aids wounded soldiers, children in remote areas

Portable MRI aids wounded soldiers, children in remote areas

Scientists are developing an ultra-low-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging system that could be low-power and lightweight enough for forward deployment on the battlefield and to field hospitals in the World's poorest regions.  

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