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Energy Security Center

Developing new ideas for reliable, secure, and sustainable carbon neutral energy solutions for the nation—the portal to LANL’s diverse energy security research enterprise.


  • Leader
  • Steven Buelow
  • (505) 663-5629
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  • Program Administrator
  • Jutta Kayser
  • (505) 663-5649
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Research focus areas

  • Materials and concepts for clean energy
    • Science for renewable energy sources
    • Superconducting cables
    • Energy storage
    • Fuel cells
  • Mitigating impacts of global energy demand
    • Climate change prediction
    • Infrastructure reliability and security
    • Greenhouse gas monitoring and measurement
    • CO2 capture and sequestration
  • Sustainable nuclear energy
    • Fundamental advances in nuclear fuels
    • Nonproliferation safeguards
    • Reactor concepts
    • Reactor waste disposition