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Get started with your subcontract

Start here to develop a complete Purchase Request Package for a basic Educational and Development subcontract between LANL and a University.

Follow each of the 11 steps faithfully to move through the process quickly and receive your funding.

Basic steps for a successful subcontract submission

  • First make sure the University PI is in agreement with your project design and deliverables.
  • Second complete the Purchase Request Worksheet.
  • Next complete your Scope of Work documentation.
  • Next complete the forms designated in Steps 7 and 8 (these can be downloaded from the bottom grey area of any page in this site).
  • Submit your Purchase Request agreement with each of the completed supporting documentation.
  • After your submit your Subcontract Purchase Request allow 2-4 weeks for the purchasing agent (or buyer) to contact the university and formalize the contract.



As soon as your documents are filled out and submitted—which may require some time as the LANL PI and the University PI must discuss the project and come to agreements—then ASSM at LANL begins to execute the subcontract.

The time from when a purchase request is submitted to when it is approved varies greatly depending on the quality of the documents submitted, time of year (how busy ASSM purchasers are), how quickly the LANL PI and the University return required documents, and if the University takes exception to any of the terms and conditions.

In general, six to eight weeks is reasonable turnaround for a basic subcontract without any extenuating issues.

Note: All subcontracts with the University of California and Texa A&M will require additional DOE approval as they are affiliate partners, which adds to processing time.