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Step 1:
Initiate a conversation with a University collaborator

The LANL Principal Investigator (Requester) and the University Principal Investigator must discuss the proposed collaboration and determine:

  • Potential research topics and scope of work
  • Deliverables and deadlines
  • Resources and funding availability


Why do we call it a “Subcontract” and not a “Contract”? LANL is managed and operated by Los Alamos National Security, LLC, under contract to the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). LANS is the “contractor.” LANS then holds an agreement with a university, hence, the university is the “subcontractor.”


Understanding the names of key players and how they are often used interchangeably can help to avoid misunderstandings. Some examples:

  • LANL Requester, PI, Principal Investigator, STR, AdSTR, Administrative Subcontract Technical Representative, etc.
  • LANL Contract Administrator, Buyer, ASM, Acquisition Services Management, etc.
  • University Grants and Contracts, Sponsored Programs, Accounting, External Funding, Administration, Office of…, etc


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