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This website is for University researchers and Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists/researchers—and their administrative assistants—to find information and documents needed to process a successful Subcontractor Purchase Agreement.  

There are 11 easy-to-follow steps: the process flow is presented here as simply and efficiently as possible. If you have any issues, please contact Carolyn Bossert at and she will happily assist you! Your efficient, successful completion of the Purchase Agreement is our mutual goal.

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Purchase Request Instructions

Purchase Request Instructions

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About Subcontracts

Subcontracts at Los Alamos National Laboratory are the mechanism for funded research collaborations between University research faculty/staff and Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers/staff.

After both parties agree on a mutually beneficial research collaboration, a Subcontract Purchase Request (PR) Package must be submitted and processed to formalize the agreement: the resulting Purchase Order (PO) includes agreed-upon project scope, goals, funding agreements, schedule, and deliverables.

Once the Purchase Order is complete and formally executed work may begin – funding is provided to the university by LANL as reimbursements for work performed by the university.

Timely completion of the Purchase Request Package is essential to your proposed project. Please follow the 11 steps outlined here and you can reasonably expect an executed agreement to be processed within 6-8 weeks from submittal of the Purchase Request Package.

If you are unclear about any part of the process—or have extenuating issues arise, including unwarranted delays in documents being returned by a PI—do not hesitate to contact Carolyn Bossert. She can help you streamline the process and act as your advocate at all stages from start to finish.

Other opportunities to collaborate

Joint Appointments

The LANL Joint Appointment Program allows LANL and universities to attract the most talented researchers from both to work in collaboration with each other.

Joint Appointments is an evolving arena for faculty to engage at the lab and staff to engage on campus; Joint Appointments may cover teaching, research and mentorship.

New Mexico Consortium

The New Mexico Consortium (NMC) is non-profit corporation formed by the three New Mexico universities to facilitate research in the state of New Mexico and specifically to increase research collaborations between universities, industry, and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The NMC provides agile and accountable operations to execute joint initiatives in science, economic development, and education.

Research at the NMC includes Advanced Computing, Plant Biology and Human Health and Agriculture, Biomedical Engineering and Modeling and Analysis.

Faculty Mentor Guests

A Faculty Mentor Guest provides non-supervisory mentoring and educational benefits to LANL employees in science and technology areas.

They must meet certain qualifications including being a current employee of a university or academic institution as a professor or researcher.