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Fellows' Nominations and Selections

The Fellow appointment is an honor bestowed by the Director in recognition of outstanding achievement in science and/or engineering, recognizing the full breadth of Laboratory accomplishment from basic research to applied missions.


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Call for FY21 Laboratory Fellows nominations

I am pleased to issue this year’s call for Laboratory Fellow nominations on behalf of the Laboratory Director. The Fellow appointment is an honor bestowed on individuals by the Director in recognition of outstanding achievement in advancing science, technology, engineering or mathematics across the full breadth of Laboratory R&D. This includes accomplishment from basic research, making contributions to the broader science and engineering enterprise while enhancing the Laboratory’s role and reputation as a broad source of discovery and innovation, through to focused mission applications, building capability that advances the Laboratory’s ability to execute its major programs for the nation.

Who are the Fellows


It can be awarded to full-time R&D Scientists, R&D Engineers, R&D Managers, and technical Program Managers who have been at the Laboratory a minimum of two years immediately prior to the nomination deadline

The rank of Fellow, is a recognition of achievement measured against one or more of the following criteria:
1. Sustained, high-level achievement and/or leadership in advancing science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) or its application.
2. One or more STEM discoveries, inventions or breakthrough applications of STEM that have made significant advances to a field of discipline, bringing widespread acceptance and recognition.
3. Having become a recognized authority in a field or discipline as evidenced by citations, awards, Fellowships in prestigious societies and/or engagement at the national/international level because of their expertise.

Fellows are expected to continue to play an important scientific or technical role at the Laboratory, and the Fellows appointment is intended to enhance this role. A Fellow typically remains a member of a Laboratory technical division or program office, where the Fellow receives the financial, administrative, and secretarial support generally provided to R&D staff. Specific job assignments for the Fellow are determined with appropriate managers.

The Fellows meet and consider issues of importance to the Laboratory. Laboratory leadership from Division Leaders through the Director often request the opinion and advice of the Fellows individually and collectively on issues important to the Laboratory. The Fellows organize special studies, colloquia, and symposia, and they sponsor annual prizes for outstanding research and leadership achievements by members of the Laboratory’s scientific and engineering staff. A record of Laboratory citizenship that demonstrates that the candidate, if selected, will be active in service to the Laboratory, will be considered as a factor in the selection process.
Fellows Directory

The deadline for submission of nominations is 5:00 pm on Thursday, May 6, 2021.  Please submit the DC-reviewed nomination package to  mrobinson@lanl.gov by the specified deadline.

2021 Nomination package compilation/submission requirements

Fellows 2021 Nomination Form (.docx)

2020 Fellows Nomination Workshop(.pptx)

Nomination Guidelines

Any employee may sponsor a nomination. However, before a great deal of effort is devoted to the nomination package, it is useful to propose the nomination to the candidate’s Division Leader or Program Director and other appropriate colleagues and peers to obtain their input. The sponsor may find this helpful in the subsequent preparation of the nomination package. Feedback from previous year’s nominations, if any, should be taken into account. Sponsors are encouraged to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest should they choose to nominate, for example, their manager, a relative, or a close collaborator. Workshops on writing a competitive Fellows nomination are tentatively scheduled for 8:00am-9:30am on February 27 and 2:00pm-3:00pm on March 2 at JRO1 in the JR Oppenheimer Center.
Fellow's Nomination Screening Process

The Screening Committee has the difficult task of ranking and recommending nominees from an extremely talented field. Often sponsors want to know in what way their unsuccessful candidate was deficient. More often than not, the candidate was not deficient in any manner; instead, their competitors were extremely strong. Feedback that includes the discussion of the factors differentiating one outstanding candidate from another is provided to the nominators once the Fellows are announced. For re-nominations, feedback from 2013-2019 nominations is available upon request to mrobinson@lanl.gov

In order to help fulfill the goal of achieving a diverse workforce in all aspects, sponsors are especially encouraged to consider qualified women and members of underrepresented minority groups for nomination.
The total number of Fellows in regular employment status at the Laboratory is limited to approximately 2% of the eligible positions. A Fellows Screening Committee, whose members are appointed by the Deputy Director for Science, Technology and Engineering, screens the nominations. The Committee’s ranking of the nominees and the supporting nomination packages are presented to the Director, who makes the final decisions and appointments.
Additional Information
Each year many outstanding candidates are nominated for the rank of Laboratory Fellow, and it is not possible to name all of them Fellow. In order to prepare the strongest package possible for a candidate, sponsors should not hesitate to prepare a classified addendum if such will add substantially to the candidate’s nomination. (Be sure to follow the submission requirements regarding classified materials.)