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Transportation for Lab Employees

Choose the transportation option that works best for you: car, rail, taxi or public transit

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Getting to the Lab

Whether it be for an interview or a day on the job, using the right map and directions will make your travel to the Lab much easier.

Visit our Maps webpage for maps and directions on how to get to Los Alamos from various communities in Northern New Mexico.

Commuting options

Sixty-six percent of the Los Alamos workforce commutes. There are many vibrant communities surrounding the Lab where employees commute from daily and there are many options for getting to work the way you prefer.

  • Atomic City Transit: The Los Alamos and White Rock public bus transportation option, offering routes to all major community stops, including the Lab.
  • Rail Runner Express: The Rail Runner train offers service from Belen through Albuquerque, and ends in Santa Fe, connecting to several bus routes. The train is equipped with Wi-Fi and bike access, and a great roadrunner "meep meep" sound to alert you when you arrive at your destination!
  • NMDOT Park and Ride: The Park and Ride express bus service offers three lines of service directly to Los Alamos National Laboratory. The bus provides the opportunity to relax, work on your laptop, or connect with other Lab employees.
  • Employee car pool: Lab employees maintain a blog with regular postings for individuals who want to join or start a carpool to commute to the lab. All areas of Northern New Mexico are represented. Once you are a lab employee, you can access this group and the commuter postings. This is a great way to meet fellow lab employees and save money on your commute!

Taxi service

If you don’t want to lose your parking space or walk for 45 minutes to a meeting on the other side of the Lab, use the Lab Taxi Service! This service is an internal resource available to any Lab employee. Make sure to phone in advance to schedule a pick up time that works for you.

Air travel

In addition to the Sunport airport in Albuquerque, there are other airports in surrounding communities. Small, publicly owned airports are located in Taos, Santa Fe and Los Alamos.

Car rental

Two rental car companies partner with Los Alamos National Lab to provide discounts for rental cars used to travel to the Lab. Use the discount code when making your reservation.