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New Hire Interview Resources

Information and tips for ensuring a smooth interview process


Prepare for your interview

  • Confirm your interview with a hiring manager or HR generalist.
  • Obtain the name(s) of persons on the interviewing team in advance, if possible.
  • Ensure the interview team has electronic or hard copies of your resumé and supporting material.

If you will be onsite for the interview

  • Know where you need to go for the interview.
  • Download or print driving directions that include approximate driving times.
  • Turn off Bluetooth on your phone and adjust settings to silent during the interview.

In-person interviews

Travel reimbursement

If you are traveling to Northern New Mexico for the interview, review the Interview Travel webpage to understand the travel booking and reimbursement process.

Car rental

Consider using one of our preferred rental companies to receive a discount.


Prior to making your lodging arrangements, review the official government rates for the area where you will be staying.

Lodging for towns in New Mexico near Los Alamos:

Getting around Los Alamos

If you are traveling without a car, Los Alamos offers a city bus service called Atomic City Transit. We encourage you to explore the community if you have the opportunity.

Getting around the Lab

There are security checkpoints (vehicle access portals) to drive through in order to enter Lab property. Be prepared to present a valid form of ID at the checkpoint (driver license, Lab security badge, or passport).

Note: Many of the buildings at the Lab are in sensitive areas. Specific clearance levels are required to access specific areas of Lab property.

Visit our Security Perimeter webpage to better understand how to navigate within Lab property.

What to expect on interview day

  • You will pass through a security checkpoint to enter Lab property and be asked for identification.
  • You may NOT take photos or videos, or use personal flash drives or computer devices while at the Lab.
  • You may NOT use Bluetooth while at the Lab.
  • As a visitor, you will be escorted into the area where you will be interviewed.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions to help in the decision-making process.

Do you need a Social Security Card?

Visit your local Social Security Office to apply for a new or replacement Social Security card.

1922 5th St.
Santa Fe NM, 87505

Visit the Social Security Administration website for detailed information about obtaining a new or replacement social security card.

If you are a resident foreign national, we recommend reading the Los Alamos National Laboratory step by step application guide (pdf) and reviewing the detailed information on the Social Security Administration website that pertains to social security numbers for non-citizens.