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Life Insurance

A comprehensive benefits package with plan options for health care and retirement to take care of our employees today and tomorrow.

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Protection for you and your family

The Lab offers a variety of life insurance options to help you protect your loved ones. Life insurance provides financial assistance to help cover the rising costs of final expenses and any outstanding debts you leave behind.

Basic Life

Basic Life insurance coverage provides 1 times your annual earnings, rounded to the next highest $1,000 if not a multiple of $1,000, with a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $50,000.

The premiums for Basic Life insurance are paid by the Laboratory. Eligible employees are automatically enrolled in this coverage.

Supplemental Life

If you need coverage in addition to Basic Life insurance, the Laboratory offers Supplemental Life insurance. The Supplemental Life plan offers you the flexibility to select the appropriate amount of coverage for you and your family.

You can select coverage from 1 to 8* times your annual earnings. The cost for this coverage is based on your age, salary and the amount of coverage you select.

Dependent Life

Dependent Life provides a financial benefit to you in the event you experience the loss of a spouse/domestic partner or child.

The cost of coverage is based on the covered dependents, the plan, and the coverage level you select.

*Note: New hires can enroll in Supplemental Life up to 3 times their annual earnings without evidence of insurability. Spouses and domestic partners can be enrolled for up to $50,000 without evidence of insurability. Enrollments after the new hire period of initial eligibility may be subject to evidence of insurability, which would need approval from the carrier. Child life insurance does not require evidence of insurability.

Business Travel Accident Insurance

Employees whose duties include business travel are also automatically covered for $100,000 in travel accident insurance under a separate policy. Premiums are paid by the Laboratory.

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