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Undergraduate Program Selection Process

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Student hiring process

Once an application is submitted online, it is made available for all interested Laboratory hiring officials to view. Hiring officials are Laboratory employees who have the funding and work available to hire a student.

Hiring officials have the capability to perform a search for qualified applicants using different search criteria (area of interest, skills, etc.). Once hiring officials have narrowed their search, they may contact the student directly to conduct a phone interview.

When a selection has been made, the hiring official will submit a hiring package to the HR Service Center. The package is reviewed, approved, and an official offer letter is processed and emailed to the student. The student reviews and accepts the offer and returns the signed offer letter to the HR Service Center within two weeks of receiving the letter. Once the offer letter is returned to the HR Service Center, the student schedules a drug test and when a negative result is obtained, a start date is confirmed and the student is scheduled for the new hire orientation.

Please note: Students should not report to their worksite until they have gone through the hiring and orientation process.