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Student Symposium

The Symposium provides a unique opportunity for students to present their research, broadening their expertise and preparing them for careers in science and nontechnical fields.



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Showcasing Student Research

At the end of each summer internship season, the Partnerships & Pipeline Student Programs Office at the Lab hosts a Student Symposium. The Symposium provides a unique opportunity for students to present their research and is an excellent forum for students to network and make professional contacts.

Congratulations 2023 Symposium Winners!

The Partnerships & Pipeline Student Programs Office is proud to announce the following award winners for outstanding presentations at the 2023 Annual Student Symposium:

Biological Science
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Aditi Lohar C-PCS Investigating Hap As A Vaccine Antigen For Non-Typeable Haemophilus Influenzae Jessica Kubicek-Sutherland
Hanna Mora EPC-ES Western Bumblebee Surveys On LANL Jenna Stanek
Sarah Mozden B-TEK Cascade Amplification Biological Sensors For Novel Antibody-Based Detection Assay Nileena Velappan
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Renee Olney C-NR Novel Method For Uranium Hexafluoride Isotope Ratio Measurement Jeremy Inglis
Jason Ross MPA-11

Synthesis Of Novel Lanthanide Task Specific Ionic Liquid Complex’s Utilizing Betaine Triflate

George Goff
Computing and Information Technology
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Thomas Harris, Micaela Richter A-1 Understanding Racial And Ethnic Disparities In Covid-19 Outcomes Using An Agent-Based Simulation Sara Del Valle
Bethany Pena XTD-IDA Under The Hood: Improving Robustness And User Experience In The Common Modeling Framework Lucille Fry
Nigel Tan XCP-6 Efficient Particle Tracing For Scalable Kinetic Plasma Simulation Analysis Scott Luedtke
Jessica Williams ISR-3 Evaluating On-Satellite Data Processing Rory Scobie
Earth and Space Science
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Shuyu Chang EES-14 A Deep-Learning Approach To Predict River Temperature In Alaska Kurt Solander
Richard Larson EES-16 Redistribution Of Residual CO2 Due To Interfacial Pressure Driven Mass Transport In Heterogeneous Pore Structures Mohamed Mehana
Yerkezhan Madenova EES-16 Quakes Without Shakes Luke Frash
Siobhan Niklasson EES-17 Comparison Of Ambient Noise Between Ocean-Bottom Seismic Networks Charlotte Rowe
Engineering (All Disciplines)
Student Name Group Title: Mentor(s)
Sergio Bugosen A-1 A Comparison Of Convergence Reliability For Flowsheet Optimization With Surrogate And First-Principles Unit Models Robert Parker
Miguel Chacon Cuesta P-4 FEA Of Phelix Lower Compression Ring Vincent Garcia
Nadezda Draganic AOT-MDE Flow Induced Vibration Effects On MO-100 Discs Bhavini Singh
Elena Gonzales ISR-2

Address Drum Lock Test System

Ernst Gonzales

Samuel Kilgore

Nicholas Kroger

Sarah Beth Ragan

Michael Rakoski

M-9 Samurai Experiment: Shock Initiated Deflagration Analysis William Perry

Benjamin Laurel

James Phillips

AOT-RFE The GLP-805 Power Supply Interface Gabriel Cordero-Rivera
Luis Luna E-3

Proof Of Concept For Address: AGV Gripper, Storage Shelf, And Pallet Interface

Bryan Steinfeld
Lalith Pillarisetti MPA-11 Non-Invasive Fluid Level Sensing In Pipelines Using Ultrasound Techniques Eric Davis
Jackson Rahm W-11 Continuous Carbon Fiber-Peek 3d Printing Hot-End Skyler Addams
Anisha Selvan E-14 Evaluating Digital Image Correlation As An Alternative To Traditional Modal Testing Measurement Methods: A Further Understanding Of Current Advantagesand Limitations Sandra Zimmerman
Lyra Troy C-CDE Evaluation Of Hydrogen Permeation For The Direct Internal Recycle (DIR) Concept In The Fusion Fuel Cycle Joseph Dumont
Health and Safety
Student Name Group Title: Mentor(s)
Alfredo Cortez RP-PROG Effects Of Bremsstrahlung Radiation Options On Dose Calculation In MCNP6.3 Jordan Douglas
Materials Science
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Henry Chance MPA-11 Christopher Leibman
Sean Drewry MST-8 Performance And Properties Of Cr-UO2 Fuel For Light Water Reactors Scarlett Widgeon Paisner
Victoria Kwei MPA-11 Optimizing Miniature Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stacks Tommy Rockward
Gersen Leonel EES-16 Systematic Investigation Of CO2 Adsorption Energetics In Metal Organic Frameworks Based On Imidazolyl Linkers Hongwu Xu
Jessica Stanfel MST-16 Correlating Cooling Rate To Microstructure In An Alsife Alloy Mathew Hayne
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Facundo Airaudo CCS-2 Development Of A High-Order Numerical Method For Hyper-Elasticity In A Multi-Material Formulation Aditya Pandare
Aleksei Sorokin T-6 Probabilistic Models For Pdes With Random Coefficients Nick Hengartner
Other (Non-Technical)
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Catarina Tchakerian WRS-NSRCMS Serendipitous Discovery In Archival Spaces Laura McGuiness
Student Name Group Title: Mentor
Luis Bichon P-3 Elliptic Flow Measurement Of J/_ In Phenix Run14 AU+AU At √ SNN = 200 GEV Cesar Da Silva

John Cappelletti

Patrick Lohr

XCP-DO Acceleration Of Orbital-Free Density Functional Theory Using Distributed Fast Fourier Transforms On Gpus Josh Finkelstein
John Schmidt P-1 Unique Magnet Mapping Systems For Beam Optics Development William Meijer
Nathan Ward MPA-Q Cavity Stabilization In The Generation Of Squeezed Light Raymond Newell
Volunteers and Moderators

Fifty-six LANL staff and postdocs volunteered significant time to the Symposium as judges and session moderators. It is largely due to their efforts volunteering and supporting the Lab’s students that the Symposium was a success. Thank You!

Volunteer Name Org Volunteer Name Org
Ahmad, Wajdi ES-EPD Muenchausen, Ross FCI-DO
Ahmmed, Bulbul EES-16 Neil, Chelsea EES-14
Bagchi, Soumendu T-1 Nguyen, Doan Ngoc MPA-MAGLAB
Barman, Sajib
MST-16 Ramirez, Bianca C-IIAC
Baumgarten, Brooke Q-5 Rielage, Keith P-1
Blaylock, Shannon ORI-3 Sharp-Geiger, Raeanna ALDPS
Boardman, Beth E-3 Skrodzki, Patrick C-PCS
Callanan, Jesse MPA-CINT Stauffer, Philip EES-16
Chavez, Luis MPA-11 Svolos, Lampros T-3
Cogdill, Melissa DESH-CPCS Sweeney, Matthew EES-16
Corbally, Michelle Anne Q-5 Tews, Ingo T-2
Derby, Benjamin MPA-CINT Thompson, David ISR-6
Desjardins, Tiffany P-2 Tripodi, Cathy PPO
Esch, Shorty ISR-1 Ulrich, Andri W-11
Ferguson, Jim XCP-8 Wagner, Debora LDRD
Foti-Landis, Ian
FCI-DO Woods, Andrew MPA-Q
Francois, Elizabeth Q-5 Zeck, Bryan XCP-7
Guillermo, Bernadette SAFE-PA Ma, Martin EES-16
Hayes, Sarah Lynn SRO-RL Adikari, Samantha B-10
Huttanus, Bert B-11 Bamney, Darshan MST-8
Ingraci Neto, Rubens
MST-8 Chandrasekaran, Vignesh MPA-CINT
Kuropatwinski, James NCS Chu, Feng P-4
Lim,Hyun CCS-2 Cleveland, Alexander Q-5
Loychik, Neil E-1 Dail, David (Bryan) EPC-CP
Martinez, Saundra J-DO Fogerty, Shane XCP-2
Matsekh, Anna CCS-2 Goering, Timothy EPC-CP
McBride, Michael SIGMA-2 Groseclose, Thomas B-11
Moore, JT C-IIAC Hamalainen, Hannah SRO-RL
Hanschen, Erik B-10 Hartsfield, Tom P-2
Hickmott, Donald EES-14 Klamm, Bonnie PT-1
Kocevski, Vancho MST-8 Kruk Izabela AMPP-4
Kumar, Anand B-10 Labouriau, Andrea C-CDE
Larmat, Carene EES-17 Luteran, Emily MST-7
O'Brien, Mary SIGMA-1 Peterson, Jeff XCP-2
Rehn, Danny XCP-5 Rodriguez, Daniel MST-7
Shin, Sang-Min B-11 Solomon, Emilia B-10
Sudasinghe, Nilusha B-11 Torrence, Christa W-13
Torres, James MST-8 Velappan, Nileena B-10
Weiland, Ashley MPA-Q

 Casperson, Cassandra
Robinson, Emily
Roybal, Sofia
Pacheco, Matthew


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