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Student Symposium

The Symposium provides a unique opportunity for students to present their research, broadening their expertise and preparing them for careers in science and nontechnical fields.



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Showcasing student research

At the end of each summer internship season, the Partnerships & Pipeline Student Programs Office at the Lab hosts a Student Symposium. The Symposium provides a unique opportunity for students to present their research and is an excellent forum for students to network and make professional contacts.

The Student Programs Office is proud to highlight the 2019 Student Symposium poster winners. The winners for each category are as follows:


2019 Student Symposium Winners


Beauty Kolade   (T-CNLS) Validating experimental results of Digitoxin using molecular dynamics
Elizabeth Wait (T-6) Functional Dynamics in a Cancer Protein
Michaela Baysiner (B-10) Texas Tech University, Major Chemical Engineering


Selena Lee Staun (C-IIAC) Assessing Covalency in Transuranic Nitrides
Kevin Glennon   (C-NR) A Forensic Investigation of Legacy Separated Pu at Los Alamos National Laboratory


Haydn Jones   (A-4) Robust Detection of Computer Generated Text
Callum Farrell  (XCP-8) Verification Methods for Tabular Equations of State in xRAGE

Earth & Space Science

Greta Miller (EES-16) Climate Impacts on Infiltration in Northern New Mexico
Daniel Castano (EES-16) Comparing Emission Profiles of Wildfires vs. Controlled fires in the Chaparral and Eglin Landscapes


Vedant Mehta (NEN-5)  Powering the Red Planet in Pursuit of Becoming Interplanetary Species
Jianchao Zhao (C-CDE) Silicate Sequestration for Water Treatment
Kelly Verner (NEN-5) Production of Molybdenum-99 via Fissile Solution Reactor and Electron Beam Accelerator
Peter Fickenwirth (NSEC)  In-Situ Ultrasonic Quality Inspection for Metallic Additive Manufacturing
Sheera Lum (E-13) Characterizing PBX 9502 Ratchet Growth Due to Thermal Effects
Thomas Roberts (E-13) Dynamic Effects of Preload in Hyperelastic Foam Models
Kayla Gill (AMPP-2) Recirculating Water System for Metallography
Jihyun Yang, Renan Rojas-Gomez (NSEC) Data-Driven FWI Methods for Seismic Imaging: Generalization and Robustness Study

Health & Safety

Rebecca Wantuck (OSH-OH) Glovebox Worker Dexterity in Overgloves

Information Technology

David Butts (A-1) Using TRANSIMS for Evacuation Planning

Materials Science

Sina Lewis   (T-1) Surface Core Level Shifts of Lead Halide Perovskites
Natalia Rubio (MST-8) Corrosion of Refractory Metals in High Temperature LBE
Cameron Richards (MST-7) Optical Properties of BaFCI:Eu2+ Scintillating Composites for Medical X-ray Imaging Applications
Andre Gouws   (MST-8) Selective Laser Flash Sintering of Aluminum Nitride


Philippa Chadwick, Oscar Goodloe, Nilesh Mukundan (A-1) Quantitative Predictors of Political Instability in Pakistan


Christopher Roper (P-24)  What are the limits to jxB acceleration of quasineutral plasmas?
Landon Tafoya (P-23) A Dense Plasma Focus as a Potential Source for Neutron Radiography
Rachel Sidebottom (E-6) Au-leaf phantoms of Au-tagged tumors to assess proton radiography for image-guided proton therapy


Asif Ali (SRO-RL), Thomas Chadwick, Andrew Port (WRS-SIS)

Building a Digital Historical Narrative Using Open-Source Tools