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High School Internship FAQs

Gain work experience while receiving exposure to a variety of career fields


  • Sofia Roybal
  • Program Coordinator
  • Student Programs Office
  • (505) 665-0905
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Eligibility requirements

Am I required to submit an official transcript?
No, you can submit an unofficial transcript.
Can homeschooled students participate in the program?
Homeschooled students who can provide a transcript that documents academic standing and cumulative GPA are welcome to apply. Email the coordinator at casperson@lanl.gov with questions regarding transcript options.
Can non-U.S. Citizens participate in the program?
Students who are not U.S. citizens should notify Cassandra Casperson immediately. Non-U.S. citizens selected for an internship need to be approved to visit the Lab. Approval in the Foreign Visits Tracking System (FVTS) is required before the internship can begin. Be aware that FVTS approvals can take 30-120 days to process, and may not be approved in time for the student to participate in the internship program.
What qualifies as northern New Mexico to meet eligibility requirements?
In general, for the purposes of the High School Internship Program, northern New Mexico refers to Los Alamos county and those counties adjacent to Los Alamos county. The majority of interns who are hired attend high school in Los Alamos, Santa Fe, and Rio Arriba counties. Students who wish to participate in the internship and do not live nearby, must live within reasonable commuting distance.

General internship questions

Are there internship programs for students who are not yet seniors?
Seniors, who are also at least 16 years of age, are the youngest students allowed to intern at the Lab.
How competitive is the High School Internship Program?
The program is very competitive and typically less than 50% of applicants are hired. NOTE: All decisions regarding student hiring are made by mentors.
Is housing provided for interns?
High school interns should live within commuting distance of the Lab.
What dates and hours to do interns work?
Specific dates and hours vary from student to student and are determined by the mentor. Be sure to understand the internship’s time commitment before accepting a position.

New hires

Do interns receive holiday pay?
High school students are hired on casual status and do not receive holiday pay.
How do I switch from high school to undergraduate student status?
When you are officially accepted to an undergraduate program, send a copy of the acceptance letter to Cassandra Casperson and she will work with HR to change your status.
How many hours am I allowed to work per week?
High school students are allowed to work 40 hours per week/full-time during the summer and holidays. During the academic year, high school students are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week but must work less than 832 hours in a calendar year.