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Postdoc Research Day

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Postdoc Research Day 2016

At Postdoc Research Day 2016, 70 postdocs showcased their research. The Judging Panel included Dr. Thomas Bowles, former Chief Scientist and Chief Science Officer Los Alamos National Laboratory; Dr. Kim Budil, the Vice President for Office of the National Laboratories at the University of California; Mr. John Chavez, the President of the New Mexico Angels; Dr. John Elling, President and CEO of Acoustic Biosystems, Inc.; Dr. Edwin Fohtung is the LANSCE (Los Alamos Neutron Scattering) Professor of Physics and Materials at the Assistant level at New Mexico State University.; Mr. Richard Mah, a registered professional engineer and 30 year veteran of LANL who was Associate Laboratory Director for Weapons Engineering and Manufacturing; Dr. Katie Richardson, field representative for U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM), who sits on the Senate Armed Services and Energy & Natural Resources Committees.

Winners of the Award for Outstanding Presentation were:

Left to Right- Thomas Myers (M-7/C-NR/C-IIAC), Carrie Manore (T-6/A-1), Shalinee Chikara (MPA-CMMS), and Cameron Moore 9C-IIAC)

PD Research Day 2016 Winners