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Postdoc Research Symposium and Career Fair

Point your career towards Los Alamos Lab: work with the best minds on the planet in an inclusive environment that is rich in intellectual vitality and opportunities for growth.


Postdoc Research Symposium and Career Fair    

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Postdoc Research Symposium

The Postdoc Research Symposium is a Lab-wide event where postdocs are provided the opportunity to showcase their research through a poster presentation in an environment that fosters enhanced collaboration and technical discussions among postdocs, staff, and management.

Career Fair

The Career Fair provides organizations the opportunity to recruit from the Laboratory’s talented postdoc and student populations comprised of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math early career researchers. In advance of the event, registered participating organizations will receive copies of the submitted CVs/Resumes.

LANL currently employs on average 400 postdocs and over 1000 students, who are invited to participate in this annual event. Postdocs from Sandia National Lab are also invited to attend. Los Alamos is 1 hour 50 minutes from Albuquerque and 50 minutes from Santa Fe; it is located at an elevation of 7,355 feet.

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