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Los Alamos Postdoc Association

Fostering a sense of community, advocating for the postdoctoral community, and providing career development information.


Postdocs are not only the future of science, but specifically, the future of the Lab.

Making the life of Los Alamos Lab postdocs more fulfilling socially, professionally

LAPA logoThe Los Alamos Postdoc Association (LAPA) at Los Alamos National Laboratory fosters a sense of community among the postdoctoral research staff; advocates for the postdoctoral community; and provides career development information to postdocs.

To ensure that the future of each postdoc is a bright one, LAPA works to make the life of the Los Alamos Lab postdoc more fulfilling both socially and, more importantly, professionally.

Origin of Los Alamos Postdoc Association

During March 2006, postdocs from a cross-section of Laboratory divisions were invited to meet with Lab Director Michael Anastasio to address postdoc issues during the contractual transition from UC to LANS; a group of 15 postdocs attended this meeting.

From this group, a smaller sub-group began discussions with Mary Anne With, the Postdoc Program Office Leader, regarding the possibility of forming a postdoc association at the Laboratory that later would be known as the Los Alamos Postdoc Association (LAPA).

With the intention of creating a community of involved, interested postdocs at the Lab and the endorsement of the Laboratory Director, LAPA was formed. The organization continues to evolve and appreciates your input as a postdoc at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

LAPA Ratifying Members