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Postdoc Events

Choose from a variety of events and workshops available to postdocs at no cost to foster networking and career development


Career Development Workshops and Professional Consultations
Taught by business professionals, these workshops cover everything from CVs and Resumes to grant and proposal writing, professional presentations to preparing for job interviews. The professional consultations are one-on-one appointments with the consultant to review journal articles, job talks, poster presentations and anything else for which the postdoc needs feedback. These are provided at no cost to the postdoc.

External Career Fair
The Career Fair is an excellent networking event organized and held for the postdocs and students who are seeking employment opportunities external to LANL. Participants are provided the opportunity to submit their CV/resume in advance of the event. All CVs submitted in advance are made available to companies registered for the Career Fair. This allows registered companies to search the CVs and contact individuals for possible job interviews during the Career Fair Event. Interviews can be scheduled at the event as well. This event is usually held in conjunction with the Research Symposium.

Programmatic Capabilities Awareness Workshop
PCAW-Sarrao.jpgDirectorate Managers and Division Leaders from participating organizations give short presentations outlining their organization's capabilities and needs, mission areas, and selected programs/research projects. This event provides an opportunity for attending postdocs to learn more about the science, technology, and engineering programmatic activities that support Los Alamos National Laboratory’s national security missions. Postdocs participating in the workshop will be able to assess their potential interest in and fit with the Lab’s programmatic mission capabilities, which will help in identifying possible collaborations, as well as navigating potential career paths at LANL. The overall goal is to ensure that LANL is giving full opportunity to the outstanding talent represented within our postdoc community when attempting to staff ongoing and new projects with internal candidates.

Research Symposium
The Postdoc Research Symposium is a Lab-wide event where postdocs are provided the opportunity to showcase their research through a poster presentation in an environment that fosters enhanced collaboration and technical discussions among postdocs, staff, and management. The Research Symposium is held in conjunction with the External Career Fair.

Science in "3"
sci3-shuttA dynamic Postdoc Career Development Event, where postdocs are provided the opportunity to present their research for a general audience in “3” minutes or less, challenging the postdoc to give a clear and concise presentation. These presentations are judged by a Review Panel on how well they engage the audience, how clearly they communicate key concepts, and how effectively they focus and present their ideas.