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Featured Careers: High Explosive Detonator Fabrication

Technologists at Los Alamos support continuous improvement efforts and are critical to the success of the program.

We aim to be the leader and authority in the production of national assets vital to the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile. Our dynamic teams strive for improvements consistent with evolving technology. At the Detonator Production Division we produce only the highest quality products that will secure the safety of our nation.

Technologists making the difference.

Technologists at the Detonator Production Division support continuous improvement efforts. Using data and current technologies, our highly trained professionals seek out opportunities to increase the efficacy of organizational processes and, implement strategic initiatives to support continuous improvement. Our teams are comprised of self-starters, quick learners, and problem solvers. If this type of work culture inspires you, consider joining us.

Research Technicians are dynamic.

The Technicians of Detonator Production Division are critical to the success of the program. They work with various instruments like laser welders, lasers, machine tools, microscopes, and precision hand tools. Techs partner with engineers, other technicians, and administrative staff to promote a vibrant work culture. The work technicians engage in is never dull and always dynamic. This is a great entry level position requiring either a high school diploma or associates degree. Explore our opportunities today.