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Featured Careers: Bioscience

Laboratory bioscience professionals are solution seekers. From matters of national security threats such as disease, to energy scarcity and climate change, our talented teams are working to meet the challenges we face today and anticipate facing in the future.

A career in Bioscience at the Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory Bioscience Division (B) is home to some of the most talented, driven experimentalists and computer scientists in the country. The B Division is an exciting place to be as team members have the opportunity to collaborate with other interdisciplinary scientists across the Lab. The work conducted done here, strives to develop solutions that reduce natural and deliberate threats to human and animal populations and their global environments.

Key bioscience projects and accomplishments

Our bioscience professionals are making a difference, at the Lab and across the globe. Some examples include:

  • The development of a drug pipeline to efficiently screen for new drug candidates and rapidly produce the compounds in the Laboratory.
  • Two Los Alamos teams are developing the next generation of biological research tools by creating high-affinity binding proteins that are defined by their genetic codes, so they can be reproduced reliably and sustainably.
  • The B division hosted a DNA sequence analysis and bioinformatics event where more than 300 participants from the international scientific community gathered to address research applications of sequencing data and talks on using sequence data from one commercial machine versus another.
  • Growing plants to power our engines and feed the world.
  • Project ATHENA, which creates surrogate human organ systems.

What employees say about their careers in bioscience at the Lab

Melinda, Technologist: "I am thrilled to be on the forefront of bioscience research that has implications not only to advance the current state of the art but also improve national security. I love the diversity of the projects I have been a part of and enjoy being able to interface with top experts in other fields across the Laboratory. The challenges of working in such a dynamic environment allow me to continually sharpen my skills and meaningfully contribute to the mission of the Laboratory."

Norman, Scientist: "The diversity of science at LANL provides many opportunities to expand your research into science areas you would have never at first imagined."

Shannon, Scientist: "Knowing that the work I do contributes to our nations biosecurity makes fun projects even more rewarding. Of course, it doesn't hurt to work in amazing and supportive teams."

Amanda, Scientist: "As a Lab Scientist, I have the opportunity to explore diverse research questions while serving the mission of the Laboratory. Housed at the New Mexico Consortium, I enjoy working with university researchers and students. The Laboratory's collaborative environment allows me to easily contribute to projects outside my field and gives me access to cutting-edge capabilities and instrumentation."

Jacob, Scientist: "I get to work in one-of-a-kind facilities and collaborate with leaders in my field. For me, being a scientist at LANL is an opportunity and a privilege."

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