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Energy Landscapes: From Protein Folding to Molecular Assembly

May 09, 2016 8:00 AM - May 12, 2016 5:00 PM
Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza
Santa Fe, NM
Angel Garcia
(505) 665-3883

Event Description

Nanoscale molecular assembly is very common in biology and in nanotechnology.

Simple examples of self-assembly are the folding of proteins from a disorder polymer, the assembly of lipid bilayers and other structures from simple lipid molecules, the formation of double stranded DNA, and the folding of RNA molecules. More complex examples are the assembly of viral capsids, the nuclear pores, and molecular machines like kinesin, the efflux pump machinery, ATP synthase, the ribosome, and many others. In nanotechnology, self-assembly has been used, for example, in DNA origami, in which artificial structures and machines are built in a bottom-up manner.

The energy landscape theory has been crucial in the understanding of protein dynamics and protein folding and may provide a framework for understanding self-assembly of large molecular assemblies. These molecular complexes often function by undergoing conformational changes under weak physiological signals. Statistical mechanical understanding of the assembly of large molecular complexes, like molecular machines, is critical to deducing how these machines work by coupling chemical, electrical and mechanical processes and eventually to reproduce these in artificial machines.

This conference will provide an integrated experimental and theoretical forum to address the statistical mechanical treatment of the assembly and function of simple and large biomolecular complexes. We aim to identify current challenges and to explore how to combine experimental, theoretical and computational methods to advance the field. We will invite world leaders in the area of protein folding, protein dynamics, the assembly of large molecular complexes and functionality of molecular machines. With their help, this conference will integrate spatial aspects of molecular assembly from cryo-EM studies to the functional characterization from singe molecule measurements to mechanistic details from computational and theoretical treatments into a statistical mechanics framework in terms of energy landscape.

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We plan to have about 30 invited speakers and about the same number of younger participants (Ph.D. students and post-docs), who will present posters and contributed talks. The lectures will be 35 minutes in length with 10 minutes of discussions. We also will make every effort to bring a diverse group of scientists; especially those form traditionally underrepresented groups.

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