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Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Advanced Nuclear Technologies

Apr 29, 2016 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, Albuquerque, NM
Andrew C. Klein, Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Oregon State University, and ANS Vice President/President-Elect
Bill Flor
(505) 665-8768

Event Description

Since the beginning of the nuclear energy age, scientists and engineers have conceived and developed advanced applications of nuclear technologies aimed at providing profound benefits to humanity.

While many of these have been targeted at the production and delivery of electricity and other useful forms of energy, applications have also succeeded in medical and industrial fields. The last decade has brought forth a burst of new creative and innovative applications—some being inspired developments of concepts originated in previous eras, and some being visionary combinations of designs and materials, while others are truly novel notions. Many of these advances have been made possible through improved understanding of materials and computational advances which have enabled the rapid expansion and testing of capabilities, while others have come from groups of researchers and entrepreneurs who have put a modern twist on ideas that have been researched for many years. This talk will cover the most exciting advances in power production technologies, materials and computational capabilities that have incited researchers, designers, entrepreneurs, governments and venture capitalists around the world to an explosion of recent creativity.

We will have exclusive access to the museum for the evening, with docents available for exhibit interpretation. Meeting also will include display of ANS Student Meeting posters by the ANS Student Section at UNM, awarding of 25-year and 50-year certificates from ANS National, introduction of newly elected members of the Trinity Section Executive Committee, and dinner catered by The Cooperage.
Meeting flyer available online. Online sign-up and payment (advance payment $40/person).