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2016 SHIELDS Workshop: Shielding Society from Space Weather

Apr 04, 2016 8:00 AM - Apr 08, 2016 5:00 PM
Drury Plaza Hotel, Santa Fe, NM
Gian Luca Delzanno
(505) 667-2604

Event Description

Space weather is an emerging research area within space science that is rapidly gaining importance and public recognition because of its technological and societal impact.

A recent report from the National Research Council estimated the potential economic damage from a large geomagnetic storm at $1-2T with 4-10 years of recovery time [Baker et al., 2008]. Thus, space weather is a national security issue and it is not surprising that governments around the globe are strengthening their space weather policies and capabilities.

Space weather is extremely multidisciplinary as it encompasses space and plasma physics (coupled across a variety of spatial and temporal scales), computational science (as it requires sophisticated computational tools running on high performance computing platforms) and engineering (as its ultimate goal is to protect infrastructure in space and on the ground).

This workshop will bring together international leaders in different areas of space weather with the aim of

  • connecting the various communities;
  • assessing the state of the field and the most recent progress;
  • identifying the critical needs for the field and its various communities.

The workshop will be organized around the following main themes:

  1. Physics of geomagnetic storms and substorms
  2. Coupling of microscopic and macroscopic scales
  3. Space weather modeling approaches
  4. Applications (spacecraft charging, ground-induced currents, ...)

Ultimately, how far are we from predictive capabilities for space weather?

Andrei Runov (University of California)
Daniel Baker (University of Colorado)
Allison Jaynes (University of Colorado)
Frank Toffoletto (Rice University)
Eric Donovan (University of Calgary)
William Daughton (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Jacob Bortnik (University of California)
Vadim Roytershteyn (Space Science Institute)
Scott Elkington (University of Colorado)
Michael Hesse (NASA GSFC)
Dmitri Kondrashov (University of California)
John Lyon (Dartmouth)
Joseph Borovsky (Space Science Institute)
Michael Wiltberger (NCAR)
Howard Singer (NOAA)
Jeffrey Love (USGS)
Linda H Krause (NASA Marshall)
Scott Backhaus (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

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