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Guidelines for Supplier/Vendor or Professional Local Trade Fairs/Shows

As a premier national research and development laboratory, LANL seeks to do business with qualified companies that offer value and high quality products and services.


  • Small Business Office
  • (505) 667-4419
  • Email

LANL does not allow suppliers/vendors or professional organizations to hold trade fairs/shows on site.

If you wish to hold a trade fair/show to demonstrate your products/services to LANL you will have to do so at your cost.

There are several locations around Los Alamos where you could hold your event, we recommend contacting the local Chamber of Commerce for location information.

Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce
109 Central Park Square
Los Alamos, NM 87544



Advertising your event

You will need to conduct your own advertising for your event.

LANL -maintained email mailing lists will not generally be used to distribute information on non-Laboratory events. On a limited case by case basis your event information can be reviewed and if approved may be sent out to a limited group. For more information contact the LANL Small Business Program Office at 505-667-4419 or by email business@lanl.gov     

LANL Policy for employee attendance:

If the trade fair is targeted to LANL participants and held locally, employees should not participate in any door prizes of more than nominal value (see below). 

Employees are allowed to accept the following “gifts” during attendance at these events:

  • Unsolicited advertising novelties or promotional material of nominal value (a gift with a market value of $20 or less per gift/occasion and not aggregating to more than $50 per calendar year to or from any one source), such as pens, coffee mugs, or calendars; or informational material, such as books, reports, pamphlets, or periodicals.
  • Modest entertainment, such as soft drinks, coffee, and doughnuts, in connection with attendance at widely attended gatherings sponsored by commercial firms, professional societies, or persons with whom LANL does business or who are soliciting business. A full meal (such as breakfast, lunch or dinner) would not meet the definition of “modest entertainment” and should not be accepted by LANS employees.

When planning an event please follow the above guidelines and if you have questions please contact:

LANL Small Business Program Office