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Procurement Transformation at LANL

Procurement at LANL is moving toward a digital future — with new systems and streamlined processes to provide enhanced supplier collaboration.


The Laboratory has embarked on a major procurement transformation. As part of this, we are focused on changing the way we approach supplier relationship management at LANL. We want to rebuild and enhance relationships with our suppliers, attract and qualify new suppliers and develop and mentor our suppliers.  To support these big goals, we are modernizing and streamlining our procurement activities and tools.

Procurement Transformation at LANL – An Introduction Video for Suppliers

What’s Changing?

We are transitioning to new e-commerce based systems to provide a more efficient and simplified transaction experience.

Introducing SAP Ariba®, SAP Fieldglass®, and CertFocus®

The implementation of SAP Ariba, SAP Fieldglass and CertFocus are elements of a broader Procurement Transformation at LANL. Virtually all procurement tasks will soon be paperless. Certain documents you currently receive from and submit to LANL will be digitized within Ariba, Fieldglass and CertFocus. Our interactions with each other will be simpler and more standardized. The status of your opportunities, qualifications, solicitations, subcontracts, purchase orders and invoices will be available to you online 24/7/365.

SAP Ariba Overview

We are moving to the Ariba Network to provide an efficient electronic transaction experience that will allow us to collaborate seamlessly with suppliers.  The implementation offers one portal for LANL to collaborate effectively with suppliers when we buy, invoice, select, negotiate agreements, and manage information and relationships – all in a simple, compliant and efficient manner.

What’s Changing?

In the future, procurement at LANL will be conducted via the Ariba. Future solicitations and awards will be conducted via Ariba and will require usage of the Ariba Network. LANL will post all of their procurement needs on Ariba Discovery, which  will match LANL with qualified suppliers.

Benefits of Ariba:

  • Get paid faster
  • More efficient and accurate purchase order and invoice processes, that are completely electronic
  • More control over order processing
  • Easy and secure administration of your information, including a searchable document archive
  • Communicate more efficiently
  • Increased visibility and transparency throughout the transaction
  • Save time and money by eliminating paper and manual processing
  • Improved opportunity for business growth
  • Access to status of all business interactions with LANL 24/7/365
  • Convert purchase orders into invoices easily
This video  A Day in the Life: Supplier with SAP Ariba will give you a glimpse into SAP Ariba and what it can do for you.
Moving to Ariba

Existing Suppliers

If you are an existing supplier, please continue to transact with us as you normally would until you receive a Project Notification Letter announcing our changes and next steps. Existing LANL suppliers will receive important communications and instructions from Ariba for registration and enablement (onboarding) within Ariba. We appreciate your prompt action on all communications and requests from Ariba regarding this initiative.

Next Steps:

  1. Receive Project Notification Letter – All LANL suppliers will receive a Project Notification Letter asking you to join the Ariba Network. Please transact with us as you normally would until you receive this letter.
  2. Attend a Supplier Summit – This will be a web-based event to explain the transition to Ariba and what it means for you, featuring a live Q&A with experts from LANL and Ariba.
  3. Register in the Ariba Network – You will receive an email invitation from Ariba requesting that you register in the SLP module.
  4. Account Activation – You accept the Trading Relationship Request (TRR) received via email (enterprise accounts); or you process the order from the Interactive PO received via email (standard accounts) to activate your Ariba Network account.
  5. Configure your Ariba Network account.
  6. Start selling your products and service on Ariba!

New suppliers

If you are a new supplier wishing to do business with LANL, please visit the Becoming a Supplier webpage.

Learn more about these changes

We are committed to supporting you during this transition period. The following resources will provide more information about upcoming changes.

  • Project Notification Letter
  • Supplier Summits - The Enterprise Supplier Summit has already been held. The live Standard Account Summit will be held in late summer/fall.  Recordings of the summits can be found on the Ariba Supplier Information Portal
  • Additional resources can be found at SAP Ariba.
  • Please contact LANL’s Supplier Management Team with any questions at aribasuppliers@lanl.gov.


SAP Fieldglass Overview

Fieldglass is a Vendor Management System (VMS) that automates the contract worker purchasing process, from the creation of the job requisition, interview and screening process, applicant selection, expense and time keeping, invoicing, and reporting. The system is web-based and can be accessed from any computer.

What's Changing

We are implementing the Fieldglass contingent worker module that will provide a centralized system for LANL to manage hiring and time tracking for our staff augmentation (contingent work) workforce. Going forward, all procuring, time tracking, expense reporting, and invoicing for contingent workers will require usage of the Fieldglass system. Some of you may already use Fieldglass at LANL; our hope is that the change is seamless to you.

LANL is also implementing a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program to manage and implement the current staff augmentation program. LANL selected the strategic workforce partner, AgileOne, to serve as the MSP.


  • Single-point-of-contact for Suppliers for any contract worker need.
  • A standardized and responsive process for acquisition and deployment of contingent labor resources.
  • Improved financial control and reporting
  • A flexible solution that is scalable with ever-changing business requirements 
CertFocus Overview
We are implementing Vertikal’s CertFocus, which is a web-based certificate of insurance management system.  CertFocus will monitor and track insurance certificates and validity periods on behalf of LANL.

CertFocus will apply to select suppliers who perform on-site services. Future insurance, certification and bond processing for new contracts will go through CertFocus. 

Ariba FAQ


  • Why is LANL changing how they transact with suppliers?
    • We are moving to the SAP Ariba network to provide an efficient electronic transaction experience that will allow us to transact seamlessly with suppliers. These new systems will support our new streamlined procurement processes and will gather all supplier interactions in the portals. 
  • Will Ariba be the only method to transact with LANL in the future?
    • Yes. LANL is fully committed to going digital and sharing the benefits of doing so with our suppliers. All future solicitations and awards will be transacted through the Ariba Network. We know this is a significant change and are here to support you any way we can along the way. Eventually, utilization of the Ariba platform will be required of the entire supply chain.
  • Do I have to transition to Ariba Network?
    • Yes. We strongly recommend you complete the onboarding process to the Ariba Network upon receiving the Project Notification Letter from LANL.  After the transition to Ariba, LANL’s current procurement system will be deactivated in Spring/Summer of 2021 and will no longer be available. After that point, LANL will require all transactions to be conducted on the Ariba Network. 
  • Should I let other people in my company know about the transition to the Ariba Network?
    • We want all those who are involved and currently work with LANL systems (e.g. Oracle) to know that a new process is underway. It will be important that those working with Oracle be connected to the Ariba Network too.

During the Transition 

  • When will my company transition to the Ariba Network?
    • You will receive a Project Notification Letter (PNL) announcing the transition that contains important information and links regarding the transition. This notification is sent to the current company contact that LANL has on file, and informs you of key steps you need to know and do. Please continue to conduct transactions as directed by your Procurement Specialist until you receive this letter.
  • I received a Project Notification Letter (PNL) from LANL. Now what?
    • We encourage you to attend one of the Ariba Supplier Summits for more information about the Ariba Network and next steps. The PNL will include a registration link. Recordings of the summits will also be available for viewing on the Ariba Supplier Information Portal.
  • How will I manage my transactions with LANL in the meantime?
    • Until LANL goes live on Ariba, continue to conduct your transactions as directed by your Procurement Specialist.
  • Once my company is onboarded on the Ariba Network, can we begin a transaction?
    • You will receive a “Go Live” email from LANL when you can begin transacting on the Ariba Network.  You will need to complete the onboarding process in order to transact on the Ariba Network. This may completed before or after you receive the “Go Live” email.
  • How will I manage my transactions with LANL after the “Go Live” date?
    • Once you have registered on the Ariba Network and your account is fully activated, you will conduct business with LANL on the Ariba Network after “Go Live.”
  • Do I have to work with two systems now?
    • You may need to work with the current LANL process in Oracle and the Ariba Network for a short time during the transition. We are making every effort to minimize work in both environments during the transition. Our current process will operate in parallel with the Ariba Network for 3-6 months, scheduled to cease in the spring/summer of 2021.

Ariba Account Setup 

  • If I am already working on the Ariba Network, do I have to go through the onboarding process with LANL?
    • Yes. You will need to go through the onboarding process and establish your trading relationship with LANL on the Ariba Network.
  • What is the different between a standard account and an enterprise account on the Ariba Network?
    • A standard account has basic functionality and suppliers will use email notifications to drive the PO and Invoice processes. An enterprise account has additional features like Inbox/Outbox in the portal, reporting capabilities, and is required to have a supplier hosted catalog or integration. Fees may apply to an enterprise account. For more information, visit Ariba Network Accounts and Pricing.
  • Will I receive any communication from the Ariba Network?
    • If you have an enterprise account, you will be invited to do business with LANL on the Ariba Network through a Trading Relationship Request (TRR), sent via email. Please accept the TRR and follow the instructions therein for setting up your account (preferably within five days). This is an important step and must be completed before you can begin transacting with LANL on the Ariba Network.
    • If you have a standard account, you will receive an interactive purchase order (PO) via email from the Ariba Network. It will contain the information and steps required to activate your Ariba Network account.
  • When/how do I register a standard account?
    • If you have a standard account, you will receive an email notification from the Ariba Network when a new PO is issued from LANL. Follow the instructions to register and configure your Ariba Network account and view/process your PO. If your company already has an Ariba Network account that you would like to use, forward the PO notification email to the Supplier Administrator for your company’s account. If your company does not already have an Ariba Network account, click the "Process Order" button in the PO notification email to register an account. Note: The PO notification email is the ONLY NOTIFICATION you will receive.
  • Can we start with a standard account and later move to an enterprise account?
    • In fact, we recommend starting with a standard account, so that you can start transacting through the Ariba Network right away. Setting up an enterprise account requires some additional steps. You can always upgrade to an enterprise account, either now or at a later time.
  • Do we need to do something to receive the “Go Live” confirmation?
    • Once you have completed the registration and account set-up tasks, the Ariba Network system will update your status to Ready-to-Transact (RTT). LANL will receive the RTT list from the Ariba Network and will generate your “Go Live” confirmation. You will receive this confirmation from the LANL Supplier Management Team (aribasuppliers@lanl.gov). Once received, you are fully registered, confirmed and ready to transact with LANL on the Ariba Network.
  • I want to confirm my company’s contact information for this transition. How do I do that?
    • Send an email to aribasuppliers@lanl.gov. Please make sure to include your company’s full name and address, and the contact information including name, email and telephone number.
  • Can more than one person within our organization access the Ariba Network Standard account?
    • Yes, the Account Administrator of the Supplier's account will be responsible to manage user access as well as PO routing/delivery preferences across their company whether in a standard or enterprise account. Additional users can be added to the Ariba Network by going to Company Settings -> Users -> Create.
  • Who becomes the supplier administrator on the account?
    • The person setting up the account becomes the administrator by default, however, they can transfer the role if needed. Although there can only be one, there can be multiple users and people who receive notifications, i.e., a group of multiple users.
  • Can we have multiple supplier administrators on an Ariba Network account?
    • The Ariba Network only allows one supplier administrator per account. Supplier administrators should remember to reassign the administrator role to another user before any extended periods away from the office. If another administrator is not designated and your supplier administrator cannot be reached, Suppliers need to contact Ariba Support by visiting supplier.ariba.com and clicking Help Center for assistance.
  • Who can receive notifications from the Ariba Network?
    • Up to three email addresses can be designated to receive notifications. The Ariba Network recommends that you have notifications sent to a group email address.
  • Why is the Inbox/Outbox disabled (greyed out) on my dashboard?
    • Only enterprise account suppliers have access to the Inbox/Outbox functionality on their dashboard. The supplier administrator (only one per supplier account) should click on the "Learn More" button on their Ariba Network home screen to learn more.

Invoicing and POs

  • Will all my new POs and invoices be on the Ariba Network?
    • As LANL is transitioning, there may be POs that will still need to be managed via the current LANL (Oracle) system.
  • What system should I use to submit invoices for existing POs that are in the LANL system?
    • You should submit the invoice for existing POs in the current system (Oracle) until you are notified otherwise. Contract awards (in Oracle) that are open as of the Go-Live date will be converted to Ariba. 
  • How do I track my payments once I am on the Ariba Network?
    • You can view your invoices and payment status once you are transacting on the Ariba Network.

Training and Support

  • To get started, how can I become more familiar with Ariba?
    • Once you have received the Project Notification Letter (PNL) from LANL, you will receive an invitation to attend an Ariba Supplier Summit (or be provided a link to a previously-recorded summit). This is an excellent opportunity to receive more in-depth information on the specifics of the Ariba Network and LANL’s transition.
  • Will we receive training on the new system?
    • Functional training will be offered after you complete the onboarding process (registration and account activation in the Ariba Network). You will receive an invitation to attend functional training from the Ariba Network.  LANL specific supplier training materials for Ariba will be posted to the Supplier Information Portal. Suppliers can access the general FAQ forum by using the Help Center at supplier.ariba.com and clicking Help Center within their account.
  • Where can I get support once I have registered?
    • The level of continuous support depends on your account type. Suppliers with a standard account may contact the LANL Procurement Team at aribasuppliers@lanl.gov, whereas enterprise account suppliers may also contact Ariba Network’s Support Center at supplier.ariba.com and clicking Help Center.
  • Can notifications be sent to multiple people within our organization?
    • Yes. Notifications can be sent to up to three email addresses. This can be administered under Company Settings, Notifications, General, Network, Discovery, Sourcing & Contracts.
  • Will LANL get notifications on changes that suppliers make in the Ariba Network? (e.g. PO confirmations)
    • The Ariba Network will send Order Confirmations to LANL via Ariba Network. However, we recommend that you consult with the LANL Procurement Specialist before you make any changes to what LANL requested.
  • I currently have a contract with you. Will anything change related to my contract?
    • Generally, the scope, terms and conditions of your current contract will not change. Should changes be required, your Procurement Specialist will notify you. Additionally, when LANL is fully transacting on the Ariba Network, PO issuance and invoice processing will be conducted through the Ariba Network.
  • Who do I contact if I have any questions about my contract?
    • Please contact your LANL Procurement Specialist with any questions about your current contract. For questions about the transition to the Ariba Network, contact the LANL Supplier Management Team at aribasuppliers@lanl.gov.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to supporting you during this transition period. We believe these improvements will strengthen our business relationship with all suppliers and allow for more robust collaboration and purchasing capabilities. We look forward to welcoming you as an important partner on our journey and thank you for your commitment! 

Implementation Timeline

Our new systems will be rolled out in a phased approach beginning in the late summer. We need every supplier to support this transformational effort and be ready for “Go-Live”.

  Supplier Communications Timeline


Note: SAP Ariba® and SAP Fieldglass® are the trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE or its affiliates in Germany and in several other countries. CertFocus® is the registered trademark of Vertikal, Inc.