Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Delivering science and technology to protect our nation and promote world stability

Organization Charts

The Lab's mission is to develop and apply science and technology to ensure the safety, security, and reliability of the U.S. nuclear deterrent; reduce global threats; and solve other emerging national security and energy challenges.

Laboratory Director Charlie McMillan

Deputy Director Paul Henry (Acting)

Executive Director Rich Marquez

  • Audits & Ethics Director Jeanette Y. Bennion
  • Chief Prime Contracts Steve Shook
  • Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity Charles (CJ) Bacino
  • Ombuds Office Mary Beth Stevens
  • Comm. & Gov. Affairs Lisa Rosendorf
  • Chief Information Officer Chris Kemper
  • General Counsel David Sosinski
  • Chief Financial Officer Jay Johnson
  • LANS, LLC Executive Staff Director Jerry Ethridge

Science, Technology & Engineering: Principal Associate Director Alan Bishop

  • Chemistry, Life, & Earth Sciences Associate Director Nan Sauer
  • Engineering Sciences Associate Director Steve Girrens
  • Experimental Physical Sciences Associate Director Mary Hockaday
  • Theory, Simulation, & Computation Associate Director John Sarrao

Weapons Programs: Principal Associate Director Craig Leasure (Acting)

  • Plutonium Science & Manufacturing Associate Director Jeff Yarbrough
  • Weapons Engineering & Experiments Associate Director John Benner
  • Weapons Physics Associate Director Robert Webster

Global Security: Principal Associate Director Terry Wallace

  • Threat Identification & Response Associate Director Scott Gibbs

Operations & Business: Principal Associate Director Carl Beard

  • Business Innovation Associate Director Carolyn Zerkle
  • Environment, Safety & Health Associate Director Michael Brandt
  • Nuclear & High Hazard Operations Associate Director Cheryl Cabbil
  • Security & Safeguards Associate Director Michael Lansing

Capital Projects: Principal Associate Director Paul Henry

  • Environmental Programs Associate Director Jeff Mousseau
  • Project Management Associate Director Matt Nuckols (Acting)

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