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Associate Director/Executive Director

Carolyn Zerkle, Associate Director/Executive Director, leads institutional initiatives and provides oversight for numerous Laboratory organizations.


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Carolyn Zerkle

Dave Lyons, Executive Director

Carolyn Zerkle is Associate Director/Executive Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Previously, in 2014, Zerkle became the Associate Director for the Business Innovation Directorate, a new organization at the Lab that combined business services and information technology to enhance efficiency and bolster quality and speed of service. She was responsible for 1,300 people and a roughly $250 million budget, spanning such critical areas as cybersecurity, institutional business computing, telecommunications, human resources, procurement, and property. She was trained as one of the Laboratory’s emergency directors who orchestrate activities during emergency operations.

Prior to this, Zerkle was the Associate Director for Information Technology and Deputy Associate Director for Engineering and Engineering Services, with a focus on information technology, cybersecurity, telecommunications, and institutional business computing. She also led the project office, reporting to the Laboratory Director, and managed the Secretary of Energy’s Security Compliance Order efforts, seeing to the swift completion of 14 formal actions associated with physical and cybersecurity improvements throughout the Laboratory.

Zerkle has managed many large programs and construction projects, including a $730 million annual Weapons Program Facilities and Construction budget, a $330 million annual Weapons Program Readiness in Technical Base and Facilities (RTBF) budget, and a $54 million Facility Infrastructure Recapitalization Program (FIRP) budget, as well as the $342 million Cerro Grande Rehabilitation Project and the $174 million Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Building Nuclear Upgrades Project.

Zerkle holds master’s degrees in architecture and business administration, with a focus on nuclear construction project management, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She earned a bachelor degree in architecture and civil engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.