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Deputy Director for Mission Assurance

Scott Gibbs provides strategic and tactical support in the areas of risk management and contract assurance.


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Scott Gibbs

W. Scott Gibbs

Scott Gibbs serves as the deputy Laboratory director for Mission Assurance at Los Alamos National Laboratory, a national nuclear security laboratory that is part of the Department of Energy. In this role, Gibbs provides strategic and tactical support in the areas of risk management and contract assurance. He regularly engages with personnel from across the 11,000-person site in every capacity—from science and engineering to operations.

Gibbs returned from retirement in 2017 to take on the newly created deputy director position. In his previous nearly 30-year tenure at Los Alamos, he served in a broad range of leadership roles in all areas of the Laboratory, including global security, operations, and weapons.

In 2014, he retired as associate director for Threat Identification and Response, managing a staff of 935 and an annual budget of more than $375 million, focusing on nonproliferation and counterproliferation R&D associated with weapons of mass effect, space systems applications, warfighter support, and intelligence analysis. He has also managed the Laboratory’s Engineering directorate, which comprised a $384 million budget and 1,250 direct staff.

Furthermore, Gibbs served in several leadership roles in operations and security at Los Alamos, and was a technical advisor and program director for programs related to nuclear materials and the nuclear stockpile. 

Prior to joining Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1985, Gibbs was employed by Kansas Power and Light at the Jeffrey Energy Center and by Bendix Kansas City Division. He holds an M.S. degree in metallurgical engineering (Colorado School of Mines) and a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering (University of Kansas).

He has published 15 scientific and technical papers, with 105 citations, and has two patents for molybdenum disilicide alloy matrix composite.