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Associate Laboratory Director, Environment, Safety, Health & Quality and Safeguards and Security

Bill Mairson directs programs that leverage the Laboratory's world-class capabilities in environment, safety, health and security to support the Lab's mission.


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  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Bill Mairson


Bill Mairson is the Acting Associate Laboratory Director for Environment, Safety, Health, Quality, Safeguards, and Security (ALDESHQSS) at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he aligns ESHQSS functional activities for roughly 14,000 employees working at a 40-square-mile site containing specialized and complex scientific equipment and infrastructure. He manages the day-to-day operations of 1,800 employees with a budget of more than $560M. His portfolio includes accountability for pro-force contractors, personnel, information, and physical security and related systems, nuclear material control, emergency operations, performance assurance, quality, waste management, industrial hygiene, radiation protection, occupational safety, environmental stewardship, protection, and compliance with nine federal and state regulatory agencies, medical and wellness facilities, and cultural, historic, and endangered species preservation. He is responsible for Lab-wide protection and compliance services that effectively achieve national security missions.

Mairson is an executive with more than 39 years of demonstrated leadership across the Department of Energy enterprise. He actively drives continuous improvement through on-going communications and collaboration with customers, leadership teams, and workers to assure superior operational leadership is sustained, and effectively integrates safety, security, and quality into all aspects of performance.

He is a 2017 graduate of the Advanced Management Program at the University of Chicago, holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of New Mexico, a Master’s of Science in Industrial Safety from the University of Central Missouri, along with a preparatory Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health from Illinois State University.

Mairson has an affinity for the assessment of complex service and support operations to meet and surpass customer expectations, and lead any change necessary to get there. He dynamically builds and maintains the mutual trust and respect of customers through transparent, forthright, and informed communication. His track record in the DOE complex and private industry is marked with collaborative partnerships that boast significant achievement in; reduced injury/illness rates, several NNSA Best-in-Class and DOE eStar awards for pollution prevention and environmental sustainability, resumption of operations through aggressive corrective action management, reduced costs, and maintenance of an operating envelope that allows for not only mission success, but mission growth as well.  

Mairson is fortunate to make the family-connected southwest his home, with 80% of his career spent between Texas and New Mexico. He is active in a number of community organizations, while he and his wife continue to guide four young adult sons through the trials and delights of higher education, initial careers, and the discovery of a fulfilling contribution to society.