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Awards, Honors, and Recognitions highlight contributions made by individuals and teams that positively reflect on the people, Laboratory, NNSA, and Department of Energy.

LANL has an extensive history of recognition in numerous areas including science, engineering, technical support, technology transfer, project execution, and partnerships. Distinctions such as 467 Fellows and Members in over 50 societies, more than 160 R&D 100 awards, at least 9 PECASE and 16 DOE Early Career Research Award recipients, along with a large collection of team and individual awards, honors, and recognition, illustrate LANL’s innovative and instrumental contributions to National and Global Security. These awards and other recognitions demonstrate the world-class character of our research and multidisciplinary staff who deliver excellence in nuclear security, mission operations, community relations, and mission-focused science, technology, and engineering.

Photo: Sara Dumit (RP-DO), internal dosimetrist, receives the 2022 John D. Boice, Jr. Young Investigator Award of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) for her contributions to science pertaining to radiation protection and measurements.

Dumit and her colleagues developed a new model for making early dose estimates for individuals receiving chelation therapy after exposure to radiation. While chelation therapy increases the rate of plutonium removal plutonium from the body it can confound and delay the dose assessment process. The novel model Dumit and her colleagues developed shows early assessment of an internal radiation dose for a patient undergoing chelation therapy — before the effects of chelation have subsided.


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