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RPSD 2002 Contacts

General Chair Tom Hirons

FAX 505-665-8190
Technical Program Chair (TPC) Robert C. Little 505-665-3487
FAX 505-665-3046
Assistant TPCs John S. Hendricks 505-667-6997
FAX 505-665-3046
David W. Lee 505-667-8085
FAX 505-667-9726
Laurie S. Waters 505-665-4127
FAX 505-665-2897
Finance Guy P. Estes 505-667-4041
FAX 505-665-3046
Publications Judith F. Briesmeister 505-667-7277
FAX 505-665-3046
Registration J. David Court 505-665-5057
FAX 505-665-3046
Student Registration Karen Corzine 505-667-8843
FAX 505-665-2676
Hotel Liaison Stephanie C. Frankle 505-665-6461
FAX 505-665-3046
Workshops R. Arthur Forster 505-667-5777
FAX 505-665-3046
Special Events Kenneth A. Van Riper 505-672-1105
FAX 505-672-1105 (arrange first)
Guest Tours Guy P. Estes 505-667-4041
FAX 505-665-3046
Grand Pooba of the Website Pamela A. Paine 505-667-2537
FAX 505-665-4080

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