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Call for Papers

Radiation Serving Society

1st Announcement—Call for Papers

The 12th Biennial Topical Meeting of the Radiation Protection and Shielding Division (RPSD) of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on April 14–17, 2002. This meeting is hosted by the ANS Trinity Section and cosponsored by the Health Physics Society (HPS), L’Organisation de coopération et de développement/L’Agence pour l’énergie nucléaire (OECD/AEN), and the Radiation Shielding Information Computational Center (RSICC). In addition to an exciting technical program, workshops, tours (technical and social), and student programs are planned.

We will meet at the historic La Fonda Hotel in 400-year-old Santa Fe, America’s most unusual state capital. The city’s unique mix of Pueblo Indian, Hispanic, and European traditions provides visitors with an amazing choice of cultural and recreational activities. Fascinating museums, world-class shopping, art tours, varied performances in theater, dance, and music, gourmet dining, and myriad outdoor activities in one of the world’s most beautiful settings—all these await you in “The City Different.” Here you will experience firsthand the true ambiance of America’s Southwest. In April—or any season—Santa Fe’s people, arts, endless charms, and legendary hospitality promise to make your stay memorable.

La Fonda IS Santa Fe—the historic hotel on the southeast corner of the Plaza is surrounded by museums, shops, galleries and close to all of the area's attractions. Known for its award-winning Spanish pueblo style architecture, La Fonda is a vibrant landmark filled with unique paintings and colorful, hand-painted and hand-carved wooden furniture, beams, corbels and much more. Guests are delighted by the hotel’s 167 uniquely decorated guest rooms and suites and by the delicious creations of their award-winning chefs. You will be pleased to find their multilingual concierge, a news stand as well as a variety of excellent shops in their lobby.

Important dates:

October 15, 2001 Abstracts due
December 10, 2001 Author notification
February 1, 2002 Final paper due
March 1, 2002 Preregistration deadline
April 14–17, 2002 Conference


  • due by October 15, 2001
  • 250 words or less
  • no figures or tables
  • electronic submission only; full instructions, examples, and templates can be found at
  • should describe the material to be presented in sufficient detail that the technical program committee can assess the proposed content and assign abstracts to the appropriate session
  • electronic notification of acceptance of paper by December 10, 2002
  • proceedings will be produced in CDROM format, and will be distributed at the registration desk along with the conference abstract book.

Abstracts are solicited in the following suggested topics:

Accelerator and Space Applications

  • Accelerator-Driven System Shielding
  • Shielding for Spallation Neutron Sources
  • Space Shielding and Doses

Codes, Methods, and Data

  • Advances in Deterministic Codes and Methods
  • Advances in Monte Carlo Codes and Methods
  • Build-up Factor, Albedo, and Point Kernell Methods/Applications
  • Code Verification and Validation
  • Hybrid (MC/Deterministic) Methods for Shielding Applications
  • Nuclear Data for Shielding Applications
  • Visualization and User Interfaces

Environmental Health Physics

  • Doses in Aircrafts
  • Environmental Radioactivity Measurements
  • Environmental Release Limits and Transport
  • Impact of Radiation and Radioactivity to Environment
  • Radiological Assessments

Low-dose Health Effects

  • Dose and Dose-Rate Coupling
  • Evidence For or Against the Linear No Threshold (LNTH) Theory
  • Repair Mechanisms

Medical Applications

  • Medical Diagnostics and Imaging
  • Medical Facility Shielding
  • Medical Isotopes
  • Medical Physics Applications

Nuclear Instrumentation and Measurement

  • Nondestructive Analysis
  • Radiation Detection and Measurement
  • Radiation Dosimetry

Radioactive Waste Management

  • Analysis of Gamma Heating from Stored Spent Fuel
  • Decommissioning and Decontamination
  • Transportation and Storage of Radioactive Materials
  • Waste Package Storage and Transport Design
  • WIPP Activities
  • Yucca Mountain Activities

Safety and Hazard Analysis

  • Dose Impact from Increased Control Room Inleakage
  • Impact of Alternate Source Terms on Design Evaluations at Nuclear Power Plants
  • Radiation Protection and Shielding Standards
  • Regulatory Issues and Viewpoints
  • Source Term Evaluation

Shielding Design and Analysis Issues

  • Exposure Evaluation and Radiation Protection
  • Fuel Cycle Facility Shielding
  • Radiation Sources
  • Shielding Design and Analysis
  • Skyshine
  • Streaming

Shielding for Reactor Applications

  • Fission Reactor Shielding
  • Fusion Reactor Shielding
  • Pressure Vessel Fluence/Dosimetry

Special Topics

  • Activation and Induced Radioactivity
  • Dose Assessment and Reconstruction
  • Dose Conversion Factors
  • Food Irradiation
  • History of Radiation Protection and Shielding
  • Industrial Applications of Radiation
  • Material Damage
  • Nuclear Well Logging
  • Reanalysis of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Activation Data
  • Safeguards and Treaty Verification
  • Shielding and Benchmark Experiments
  • SOURCES Computer Code - Progress and Applications
  • Dry Storage of Spent Fuel
  • Air and Groundwater Activation
  • Transport Codes in Medical Physics
  • Radon in Homes



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