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RPSD 2002 Abstract Submission

Abstracts are due by October 15, 2001. Abstracts should describe the material to be presented in sufficient detail that the techical program committee can assess the proposed content and assign abstracts to the appropriate session. An abstract book will be available to conference attendees.

Abstracts must be 250 words or less. Do not include figures or tables. All abstracts must be submitted electronically, as an e-mail attachment, to

Authors will be notified electronically in December 2001 if their abstract is accepted. If accepted, full paper submission is required by February 1, 2002. Papers will be assembled into a Conference Proceedings to be distributed at the meeting.

Submissions are requested on the following topics:

Accelerator and Space Applications Accelerator-Driven System Shielding
Shielding for Spallation Neutron Sources
Space Shielding and Doses
Codes, Methods, and Data Advances in Deterministic Codes and Methods
Advances in Monte Carlo Codes and Methods
Build-up Factor, Albedo, and Point Kernel Methods/Applications
Code Verification and Validation
Hybrid (MC/Deterministic) Methods for Shielding Applications
Nuclear Data for Shielding Applications
Visualization and User Interfaces
Environmental Health Physics Doses in Aircrafts
Environmental Radioactivity Measurements
Environmental Release Limits and Transport
Impact of Radiation and Radioactivity to Environment
Radiological Assessments
Low-dose Health Effects Dose and Dose-Rate Coupling
Evidence For or Against the Linear No Threshold (LNTH) Theory
Repair Mechanisms
Medical Applications Medical Diagnostics and Imaging
Medical Facility Shielding
Medical Isotopes
Medical Physics Applications
Nuclear Instrumentation and Measurement Nondestructive Analysis
Radiation Detection and Measurement
Radiation Dosimetry
Radioactive Waste Management Analysis of Gamma Heating from Stored Spent Fuel
Decommissioning and Decontamination
Transportation and Storage of Radioactive Materials
Waste Package Storage and Transport Design
WIPP Activities
Yucca Mountain Activities
Safety and Hazard Analysis ALARA
Dose Impact from Increased Control Room Inleakage
Impact of Alternate Source Terms on Design Evaluations at Nuclear Power Plants
Radiation Protection and Shielding Standards
Regulatory Issues and Viewpoints
Source Term Evaluation
Shielding Design and Analysis Issues Exposure Evaluation and Radiation Protection
Fuel-Cycle Facility Shielding
Radiation Sources
Shielding Design and Analysis
Shielding for Reactor Applications Fission Reactor Shielding
Fusion Reactor Shielding
Pressure Vessel Fluence/Dosimetry
Special Topics Activation and Induced Radioactivity
Dose Assessment and Reconstruction
Dose Conversion Factors
Food Irradiation
History of Radiation Protection and Shielding
Industrial Applications of Radiation
Material Damage
Nuclear Well Logging

Reanalysis of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Activation Data

Safeguards and Treaty Verification
Shielding and Benchmark Experiments
SOURCES Code - Progress and Applications
Dry Storage of Spent Fuel
Air and Groundwater Activation
Transport Codes in Medical Physics
Radon in Homes

Sample documents below can be used for your abstract submission. Download the template that works for you. Abstracts are to be submitted according to the guidelines on the templates.

Templates for: Microsoft Word 97
Microsoft Word 6.0/95
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