14.2 Ortho_Diffusion Class

The Ortho_Diffusion Class is used to describe an Orthogonal Diffusion equation term in the CÆSAR Code Package.

The Ortho_Diffusion methods section describes the methods used in the Ortho_Diffusion Class.

Ortho_Diffusion public procedures:

 Fundamental procedures  
 Initialize  Initializes an Ortho_Diffusion object.
 Finalize  Finalizes an Ortho_Diffusion object.
 Valid_State  Returns false iff an Ortho_Diffusion object is in an invalid state.
 Initialized  Returns true iff an Ortho_Diffusion object has been initialized.
 Add_to_Matrix_Equation  Adds the linearized version of the Ortho_Diffusion Term to the specified matrix equation.
 Evaluate  Evaluates the Ortho_Diffusion Term ( 70#3071#31D72#3273#33 dV) at the cell centers.
 Evaluate_Gradient_Cells  Evaluates the gradient of Phi at the cell centers using the linearization of the Ortho_Diffusion Term.
 Locus  Returns the locus of the Ortho_Diffusion object.
 Name  Returns the name of the Ortho_Diffusion object.
 Output  Writes out the Ortho_Diffusion object.

Ortho_Diffusion public defined types:

 Ortho_Diffusion type  
 Boundary_Condition  The boundary condition flag for each face of each cell.
 Coefficient  The diffusion coefficient, defined on the cells for now.
 Equation  The equation to which this term will be added.
 Initialized  Initialization status.
 Locus  Evaluation locus.
 Mesh  Mesh that this Ortho_Diffusion object is defined on.
 Name  The name for this variable.
 NEquations  The number of equations in the entire system.
 Phi  The independent variable at the linearization value (past time step or iterate).
 Phi_BC  The boundary condition constant for each face of each cell.
 Structure  Locus Base_Structure.

Ortho_Diffusion private procedures:

 Get_Harmonic_Diffusion_Coef  Returns the harmonic diffusion coefficients for each face of each cell.

The Ortho_Diffusion Class code listing contains additional documentation. The Ortho_Diffusion Class also contains a Unit Test Program.

Michael L. Hall