DeltaEC: recent revisions

From 5.5 to 6.1, 2008:

TransitionGuide(ver 5 to 6).pdf


From 6.1 to 6.2, early 2009:

* Fixed a bug that sometimes scrambled the order of headers in ip files. The variable names will now always match up with the numbers.

* Fixed some bugs involving use of multiple user-defined gases and/or solids.

* Allowed cancellation from an incremental-plot run that gets lost, and added a "rewind from incremental plot" feature so you can click on any point in the graph of an incremental plot and go to that state immediately.

* Improved "schematic" display, even including a phasor display in it.

* Added MIXT** segments, having simultaneous nonzero dTm / dx and dnL / dx (for those who want to do mixture separation in a temperature gradient).

* Allowed better incremental plotting with interlinked models.

* Added a new chapter to the Users Guide, "Good Design Habits."

* Fixed lots of little problems and annoyances that we hope non-Los Alamos users never encountered!


From 6.2 to 6.3, early 2012:

* New state-plot features: magnitude and phase of p1 and U1 phasors, in addition to real and imaginary parts. Similarly, display Z=p1/U1. Also segEndMarks shows ranges for what would otherwise be overlapping numbers. Also log axes.

* Improved MasterPlot (incremental plotting with multiple, linked models).

* Improved Schematic View, including phasors.

* Added more flexibility and user control to target "normalization mode," to help target convergence in some models.

* Improved compatibility with Windows Vista and 7.

* New appearance and behavior of printing.

* Increased pathname length allowed for BLKDATA segments.

* Improved warnings about guesses preceding targets, sameas preferably looking upstream, avoiding circular sameas, etc.

* Fixed calculation error in PISTBRANCH segment. (Factor of 2 in Bessel-function term in real part of Z.) No change to Users Guide.

* Change how f-sub-kappa is calculated for turbulent flow in VX** segments, to avoid second-law violations that occurred in some corners of parameter space in version 6.2.

* Many small display improvements and interface speed-ups.

* Improved RPN segment interface that color-highlights the tokens associated with each result. Semicolons allowed in RPN strings for human readability.

* Extended temperature range for accurate cp, gamma, and Prandtl number for carbon dioxide.

* A new solid, "celcor," in the default thermophysical library.

* Fixed bug when user changes from built-in gas or solid to tpf-based gas or solid.