DeltaEC for Macintosh

System Requirements:

All DeltaEC versions are built with Mac OS X (presently, 10.4.11), as 32-bit applications.  Mac Classic versions (9.x) are not available.  Builds are not created as Universal binaries due to FORTRAN compiler version restrictions, so pick the correct archive for your system:

For Intel (i86) processors: DeltaEC_Mac_Intel_6-2b3.tgz

For PowerPC (Motorola) processors: DeltaEC_Mac_PPC_6-2b3.tgz


To install DeltaEC on a Mac, just unpack everything to the folder in which you want DeltaEC to reside.  The ‘tgz’ extension stands for ‘tar|gzip’ and it is recognized by automatic decompression tools such as StuffIt Expander.  You can also use commands from a Terminal window to unpack the archive with native tools: ‘gunzip *.tgz’ or ‘tar xzf *.tgz’, for example.


For the DeltaEC Users Guide, look here, or install the software and access the Users Guide in the Help menu.  Although the Users Guide is written for operation under Windows, there are only minor and conventional differences in operating the code from a Mac.  PC sequences such as ‘Ctrl-X’ are replaced by ‘Apple-X’; a single dynamic menu bar is attached to the top of the screen (instead of the top of each window).  Note that the most common keyboard shortcuts do not require a modifier key at all, regardless of platform.