Known bugs, DeltaEC version 6.3b11 for Windows:

* When an RPN segment's formula is long and uses pointers to other segments, inserting a segment can cause the pointer addresses within the formula to grow in length so the formula exceeds the maximum allowed length. This is not always handled correctly.

* The JOIN segment gives a nonsensical result if H2k and Edot cross.

* Three problems with the BLKDATA segment: 1. The header lines in the blk file are described in the users guide, but they don't actually work. 2. The users guide says "foo2" but it is actually necessary to spell out "foo2.blk." 3. The user must set up the incremental plot independent variable manually, while the users guide implies that this is automatic.

* Typing "ds" in an RPN string gives zero instead of the thermal penetration depth in the solid.

* The VOLUME segment's segment numbers do not change when segments are inserted or deleted upstream.

* The display of p20HL targets is misleading in UNION segments and in the guess/target summary. (However, the underlying calculations are ok.)

* DeltaEC often warns us if we inadvertently use a sameas or rpn address that points downstream in a model, because this can drive the shooting method crazy by causing calculated results to depend on numbers that have not yet been correctly calculated in the present pass through the model. However, this warning does not find all such circumstances.

* In the STKPOWERLAW section of the Users Guide, the first term on the right-hand side of Eq. (10.87) should have the same phi-dependent factor as is in Eq. (10.74).

* In the DUCT section of the Users Guide, the first term on the right-hand side of Eq. (10.15) should be the same as the right-hand side of Eq. (10.2).

Known bugs, DeltaEC version 6.2b3 for Macs:

In addition to the bugs listed above for 6.3b11, read the "6.2 to 6.3" part of the revision history.