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 DeltaE Documentation

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The DeltaE FAQ


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The DeltaE Tutorial and User's Guide.

The DeltaE manual is about 150 pages long and is an essential item for using the code. It can be retrieved or used in the following ways:    

  1. Version 5.1 PDF Manual or Version 5.4 PDF Manual (Complete manual in PDF format. About 1.3 megabytes. If you need a PDF viewer for your system, you can get one from Adobe.) 
  2. Version 5.1 Postscript Manual or Version 5.4 Postscript Manual (Complete manual in a printable postscript format. Zip compressed to about 2 Mb. If you don't have a good postcript printer, choose one of the other options.)
  3. Online Manual Browse the obsolete, version 1.1 manual as a hypertext document, with figures, equations and tables appearing (in many WWW clients) as inline GIF images. This format was time-consuming to produce, but it is very quick to view portions over the Web. We do not have time to revise it, so if you need to use it, please do so only to get an initial feel for what DeltaE is about. If you still have a serious interest in the code, please download the up-to-date guide in PDF or PostScript format.
  4. Request a paper copy by mail.

Experienced users from previous versions of DeltaE can come up-to-speed quickly by reading one or more of these transition guides: V4-TO-V5.pdf, V5.3-to-5.4.pdf.

(To save the links for PDF or Postscript files consider trying "right-click" or consider enabling "Load to Disk,", "Save Next Link As," "Save Link Target As," or a similar feature of your Browser if your helper applications and plugins are not set up for these document types!). 

Using the DeltaE manual and computer code can facilitate an in-depth study of thermoacoustics, but the best place to start exploring the field is to examine the new thermoacoustics textbook and the collection of educational demonstrations

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