Carbon Nanotube Research



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The CNT Team. Top row (from left): Lianxi Zheng, Xiefei Zhang, Lei Fu, Huisheng Peng, Chris Sheehan; bottom row (from left): Qingwen Li, Paul N. Arendt, Yuntian T Zhu.


Research Scope

  • Synthesis of Ultralong Individual CNTs
  • Synthesis of Ultralong CNT Arrays
  • High-Strength Carbon Nnaotube Fibers
  • CNT-Related Solar Cells
  • CNT Composites
Selected Recent Papers
Sustained Growth of Ultralong Carbon Nanotube Arrays for Fiber Spinning

Drying induced upright sliding and reorganization of carbon nanotube arrays

Ultralong single-wall carbon nanotubes

Effect of catalyst composition on carbon nanotube growth
Raman Spectral Imaging of a Carbon Nanotube Intramolecular Junction