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Technical FAQs

Value FAQs

Q: I’m not familiar with GFP. What can I do with it?

GFP stands for ‘green fluorescent protein’. It has been used as a visual reporter of protein expression for many years. Dr. Waldo, here at LANL, initially used it to identify those proteins that were soluble before wasting time and effort to crystallize them. Since then, he has taken GFP to a different level, using it to find soluble domains in proteins, and for protein-protein interaction studies.

Q: GFP has been around for a long time. What makes yours so special?

Dr. Waldo has invested a decade of time to engineer a better GFP that anything else available. First, the tether is only 15 aa’s long and doesn’t perturb the protein. Other versions of GFP have much longer tethers that effect the dynamics of the protein. Secondly, our GFP has been engineered to fluoresce with greater intensity which is directly correlated to the amount of protein present.

Licensing FAQs

Q: How can we obtain the materials?

Each of the tools in the GFP toolbox can be licensed individually. For example, if you are only interested in Split, you can obtain a license for that without the other tools.

Q: We’d like to evaluate the materials. Do you do Evaluation MTAs?

Many different researchers have used our GFP toolbox with great success. Because of this, we know that the technology performs as published so we do not offer Evaluation MTAs. However, we do have creative ways of structuring the license to allow for a short evaluation period.

Q: What happens if we license the materials and can’t get results?

Within reason, Dr. Waldo is available for technical assistance.

Q: How long does it take to get the materials once the license is signed by both parties?

The time to receive materials is dependent on how long it takes your institution to send payment. Once LANL receives payment, the materials are sent out within 1 week.



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