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Toti Larson

Analytical Geochemist - Team Leader

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E-Mail: tlarson@lanl.gov

505-667-1110 - Phone

505-665-3285 - FAX

505-667-9894 - Lab

Los Alamos National Laboratory

P.O. Box 1663, MS#D469

Los Alamos, NM 87545

Research Interests

  • Stable isotope geochemistry applications including forensics, environmental, and geological exploration.
  • Developing methods of analysis for stable isotope mass spectrometry and gas chromatography to solve new and emerging problems
  • Scientific database development and platform integration


  • Ph.D., 2003, University of New Mexico. Dept. of Earth Sciences.
  • M.S., 1999, University of New Hampshire. Dept. of Geology
  • B.A., 1993, Albion College. Dept. of Geology.


  • 2007 - Present: Team Leader, Geochemical and Geomaterials Research Laboratory (GGRL), Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • 2006 - 2007: Technical Staff Member, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • 2005 - 2006: Technician, Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  • 2003 - 2004: Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Western Ontario, Canada.
  • 1995 - 1996: Geologist, Kennecott Mining Company, Salt lake City, Utah.
  • 1994: Geologist, Bureau of Land Management, Salt lake City, Utah.


Russel, S., Longstaffe, F.J., King, P. Larson, T.E. (in review) The oxygen and hydrogen isotope composition of the Tagish lake meteorite. Geochim. et. Cosmochim.

Fair, J., Ryder, T., Loiselle, B., Blake, J., Heikoop, J., Larson, T.E. (accepted with revisions)) Estimates of dietary overlap for six species of Amazonian manakins using stable isotopes. Biotropica.

Irving, J.I., Bunch, T.E., Rumble, D. III, Larson, T.E., Longstaffe, F., Palme, H., Korotev, R.L., Kuehner, S.M., Wittke, J.H. (in review) Northwest Africa 3133 and other metachondrites related to large and differentiated carbonaceous chondrite parent bodies. Geochimica et Cosmochimica.

Russel, S., Longstaffe, F.J., King, P. Larson, T.E. (accepted with revisions) The oxygen isotope composition of chondrules and isolated olivine from the Tagish Lake C2 (ungrouped) carbonaceous chondrite. Geochim. et. Cosmochim.

Larson, T.E., Sharp, Z.D. (accepted with revisions) Oxygen isotope constraints on temperature stability of fibrolite and prismatic sillimanite. Implications for the metamorphic history of the Merrimack Synclinorium. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology.

Larson, T.E., Heikoop, J.M., Perkins,G. Chipera, S., Hess, M. (2008) Pretreatment technique for siderite removal from organic samples for carbon isotope and C:N analysis in geological samples. Rapid Comm. in Mass Spectrometry, v.22, p.865-872.

Larson, T.E., Longstaffe (2007) Deciphering seasonal variations in the diet and drinking water of modern White-tailed deer by in situ analysis of osteons in cortical bone. JGR-Biogeosciences, v.112, p.

T. E. Bunch, A. J. Irving, T. E. Larson, F. J. Longstaffe, D. Rumble, III & J. H. Wittke, 2005, "Primitive" and Igneous Achondrites Related to the Large and Differentiated CR Parent Body. Lunar and Planetary Science.

Larson, T.E.; Sharp, ZD (2005) Interpreting prograde-growth histories of Al2SiO5 triple-point rocks using oxygen-isotope thermometry: an example from the Truchas Mountains, USA, Journal of Metamorphic Geology, v.23, p.847-863.

Larson, T.E.; Sharp, ZD (2003) Stable isotope constraints on the Al2SiO5 'triple-point' rocks from the Proterozoic Priest pluton contact aureole, New Mexico, USA. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, v.21, p.785-798.

Jones, R.H., Wasson, J.T., Larson, T.E., Sharp, Z.D. (2003) Milton: A New, unique pallasite. Lunar and Planetary Science.


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