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ADTSC Nuclear Weapons Highlights 2007

LALP-07-041, June 2007

The following links allow access to the individual chapters of the publication. For example, click on Chapter 1: Computer Science and you will see more links to each article in the chapter. You may download individual articles (PDFs) or the entire publication (107.6 MB).

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Title page, Inside Front Cover, Preface, and
Organization Abbreviation Legend
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Entire Publication (pdf 107.6 MB)

Chapter 1: Computer Science

Chapter 2: Hydrodynamics Methods and Algorithms

Chapter 3: Radiation Transport Methods and Algorithms

Chapter 4: Coupled Physics and Multiscale Methods and Algorithms

Chapter 5: Sensitivity Analysis, Error Propogation, Uncertainty Quantification, and Verification and Validation

Chapter 6: Manufacturing Simulations and Computation

Chapter 7: Applied Mathematical Sciences

Chapter 8: Materials Science and Equation of State

Chapter 9: Atomic and Molecular Theory Modeling

Chapter 10: Nuclear Physics

Chapter 11: High Explosives and Organic Materials

Chapter 12: Production Desktop, Supercomputing, and Support

Chapter 13: High-Performance Computing Systems Operations

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